Christopher Wray Slithers Out From the Depths of The Swamp, Announces FBI Probe of Floyd Protests


The FBI has started a probe into “foreign influence or foreign interference” behind the radical nationwide riots against police, sparked by a video which appears to show the murder of George Floyd. On Wednesday, Christopher Wray – allegedly the director of the FBI – slithered out of the muck at the bottom of the swamp. He decided to break his Fifth Amendment protecting silence to announce the Federal Bureau of Instigation actually has a clue for a change.

Sending a probe into the darkness

The trail probably leads straight to Dark Lord George Soros but it will be interesting to see if the Deep State allows the probe investigators to find anything. “We have certainly seen in the past a variety of foreign adversaries looking to amplify controversy in this country,” Director Wray admits. “They use state media, they use social media, some of that is through propaganda, some of that is through disinformation, some that is through just fake information.”

He didn’t name George Soros specifically but the FBI claims to be “looking carefully at the prospect of foreign influence or foreign interference in all the protest activities” of the past few weeks. It’s obvious that the “thousands” of Americans who took to looting, burning, and rioting in the streets were provoked by well funded organizers.

The rioting mob is demanding their adversaries, the police, surrender without a fight and lay down their arms. They didn’t come up with those ideas on their own. “The violence that occurred during the protest over the past few weeks is driven by a variety of different motivations and ideologies, it’s not all the work of any single ideology movement or group,” Wray confirms.

The children of darkness

The children of darkness are inspired by the new world open societies order, which has fanned the flames with propaganda calculated to inflame racial tension. That’s why at least some members of the FBI are working to probe “violent anarchist extremists.” Antifa is on the list way up near the top.

Some of the bureau’s detection involves “people who self-identify with Antifa,” Wray verified to the press. The minions of Darth Soros are “attempting to influence and stoke the disruption in the U.S.”

The Chinese may also be involved. According to Robert O’Brien, a ranking national security adviser, Chinese social media messages are “gloating about the chaos.” The ever present Russia threat is still getting traction with some “Russian activists” blamed for inflammatory propaganda but Zimbabwe and Iran also have their fingers in the pie.

The experts conducting the probe aren’t sure exactly what’s happening, calling the “role and effectiveness of foreign actors” hard to measure. “some suggest their role is additive.” By themselves no single one of them can initiate unrest but taken together people get fired up enough to chase police officers out of their own precinct stations and set them on fire.

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