Days After Walking Free, Bill Cosby Plans Tour


Convicted sex offender and comedian Bill Cosby is already making plans to revive his career after his recent release from prison. Cosby is reportedly planning to create a documentary series about himself and hopes to arrange a new comedy tour. The disgraced comic is apparently determined to revive his career after three years in prison, though the reception he receives may prove to be somewhat discouraging if early reactions are any indication.

Freed due to a legal concern

Cosby was arrested in 2015 after dozens of women accused him of sexual assault. He ultimately confessed to drugging and raping multiple women.

Now Bill Cosby is free again after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered his immediate release and claimed that he should not have been prosecuted at all.

Cosby allegedly agreed to a deal with a former District Attorney which gave him immunity from being criminally prosecuted in exchange for a confession which would allow civil cases to succeed against him.

The succeeding District Attorney claims that his office found no record of this agreement and that he was not violating any promise when he prosecuted Cosby.

According to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court there was an agreement and the District Attorney violated that oral agreement, even if it was made by his predecessor.

Pennsylvania lawmakers have already introduced legislation which would require future non-prosecution agreements to be in writing.

Cosby plans comeback tour

Bill Cosby himself is evidently intending to make good use of his time in prison. A  planned tour will reportedly feature stories from his time in prison that are intended to promote good citizenship.

Unfortunately for Cosby the material may not be particularly well received. At least one comedy club has already publicly rejected the idea of hosting any of his future events.

Still, his notoriety alone may help Cosby to make a sort of comeback; the former comedian is writing a book about his prison time and plans to produce a documentary series on the same subject.

Name recognition can always be lucrative and Bill Cosby is certainly a well-known name. With multiple projects planned he may have multiple avenues for cashing in on his fame.

Victims and accusers, already shocked and outraged by his release, are unlikely to let this happen without any hiccups for Cosby.

While the release was, according to the judges, essential to prevent a harmful legal precedent from being established, many people are still wondering why someone who admitted his guilt is now free and planning a comeback tour.

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