DC Police Hold Americans Hostage Over Night


Some city police are becoming the enemy of police supporters due to their anti-American treatment of Trump supporters. In one recent incident, DC police held Americans hostage overnight.


Looking More Like a Communist America

Are you still living in the United States or China? Because it is looking more and more like we have an American Communist Party former to strip citizens from every freedom they possess.

DC police were caught on video making sure American citizens could not leave their hotels.

DC Police Take American Hostage

A video by one woman shows the terrifying incident that took place.

“We cannot leave our hotel,” the woman starts off saying. “We can’t leave the city. We are barricaded in by police.”

A long line of DC police officers can be seen standing on the streets not allowing people to leave at will.

“Law-abiding citizens who have done nothing wrong are being barricaded in this hotel and we can not leave.”

The distressed woman continues, “America you want to know what it’s going to be like under the Biden administration. Get ready. Because if you disagree with the administration… this is how you’re going to be treated.”


Police officers across the country in big cities have been following unconstitutional orders and have been bowing their knees to corruption.

Law Enforcement Turning Their Back on Conservatives

They have turned their back on the very people who support them when Democrats call for them to be defunded and in some instances even call for their death.

In one instance over the summer, Denver police watched as back the blue supporters were viciously attacked and beaten by Antifa and BLM rioters. They stood back and watched the incident happen.

As the world continues to fall into disorder, many conservative Americans are reconsidering their strong support for law enforcement.

Trump supporters in DC also saw extreme hypocrisy when police violently went after Trump supporters. When in contrast, BLM set cities on fire and destroyed businesses while officers turned a blind eye.

Conservatives are waking up to the fact that you can’t back the blue if they don’t back you.

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