DC Police Officer Michael Fanone Resigns, Lands Job With Fake News Network


Unsurprisingly, Michael Fanone, a DC police officer who has become a favorite of the liberal media since January 6 has finally quit his job to officially become an employee of CNN, where he can be somewhat more open about the fact that he exists as a uniformed mouthpiece for the Democratic Party. Fanone will now serve as a law-enforcement expert for CNN, a network on which he has already made several appearances.

Fanone gets CNN job

Fanone is truly showing his stated commitment to law and order by joining CNN, a network which is known for inciting fiery but mostly peaceful riots against police departments any time it gets a chance.

The former officer has made himself one of the chief spokesmen for the supposedly traumatized police officers who were present at the Capitol on January 6.

That day is currently placed by CNN somewhere between 9/11 and the Cambodian Genocide on the atrocity scale, though we can expect the hysterical liberal media to elevate its rhetoric to exceed tales of the Khmer Rouge for the one year anniversary.

That sounds like an exaggeration but why should it be? Plenty of liberals and journalists have already claimed that January 6 surpasses the horror of 9/11 and the event will only become more mythologized as time passes.

Michael Fanone will play his part in that. The police officers in the Capitol who shot an unarmed woman and got themselves thrown around a bit by an unruly mob are our selfless new heroes.

Expect any CNN host who calls on Fanone’s questionable expertise to treat the former officer with all the reverence one would give to a recipient of the Congressional  Medal of Honor.


Hysteria continues

The power of the January 6 legend for liberal audiences should not be underestimated. CNN and other networks have successfully managed to construct a sort of cult around the event.

This was a highly coordinated terrorist attack on our sacred democracy thwarted only by the heroic efforts of Nancy Pelosi and a trigger-happy security guard.

They’ll never stop milking that day and Michael Fanone will play a key role in that milking as one of its foremost martyrs.

This is the man CNN will point to any time someone questions the results of an election. Only an election won by a liberal though. We can’t forget the perfidious Russians and their schemes to elect Republican candidates.

CNN truly is fake news, an enemy of the people, and every other insult Donald Trump ever threw at it. Anyone who works for the network should be considered a shill until proven otherwise.

Likewise, the entire January 6 narrative constructed by CNN and friends should be treated as a fictional story crafted by hysterical leftists. It deserves to be laughed at if we don’t want to still be hearing about invented GOP war crimes at the Capitol in another decade.

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