Democrat Senator in Midst of CORRUPTION Probe


If you have been following politics for a while, you know that Senator Rob Menendez (D-N.J.) only recently skated on a corruption probe.

It was believed that he was taking huge gifts and vacations for favors.

There was no denying the freebies, but he still got off.

Not This Time

Menendez is now being slick, thinking he figured out a workaround.

The Senator married Nadine Arslanian in 2020.

Since then, she has been getting some presents from people that would like to have things done.

Now, she is at the heart of yet another probe of people trying to gain influence with Menendez by handing his wife the goodies…

He should have been found guilty the first time, but our judicial system is just as corrupt as our politicians when it comes to holding Democrat officials accountable.

With his history, I am thinking Menendez will not be so lucky this time around.

Source: Daily Caller

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