Breaking: Another Biden Family Member Under Federal Investigation


Hunter Biden isn’t the only family member being probed in a federal investigation. Liberals are shocked to learn that Joe’s younger brother James was involved in the family influence peddling scheme. For months, the progressive media outlets have been burying the same truth conservatives have been yelling about all along. CNN can’t hide that truth any longer. Another thing that’s coming to light is the nasty swamp of corruption rotting inside the Department of Injustice, which allowed Hunter’s laptop to be buried in a box at the FBI instead of anyone enforcing the law. It’s official. To anyone at the DOJ or Federal Bureau of Instigation, laws simply don’t apply to Democrats.


The Biden crime family

The Department of Justice finally put enough pressure on Hunter Biden for him to publicly admit that he’s under investigation. The liberal media are still trying to downplay the fact it’s a criminal investigation, with international scope, involving the entire family.

They want you to think it’s just a little tax jam for Hunter. President Donald Trump tapped out a comment about it on Twitter. The whole family appear to be a crew of pirates who even tried to steal the election.

Without even talking about Ukraine or cocaine, things get even more insane for the first-crime-family “elect.” Federal authorities in Pennsylvania’s Western District are probing deep into James Biden and his ties to now-bankrupt Americore Health.

According to “two sources familiar with the investigation,” Joe’s little brother James “transferred money from Americore to himself in the form of personal loans that have still not been repaid.” A former executive with Americore, Tom Pritchard, alleges those loans “amounted to at least half a million dollars.”

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden admitted that he’s under investigation in Delaware for tax fraud. The sources are convinced that it goes deeper than that. The investigation was originally based on “suspicious foreign transactions.”

It’s been running since 2018 but Attorney General William Barr has kept it tightly under wraps. Folks are starting to wonder if the attorney general has been compromised.

Kick half back to dad

Barr hasn’t said a single word about Joe Biden, even with Hunter being under investigation for almost two years, and also with publicly exposed emails which indicate that Hunter was complaining to his daughter about having to kick half his take back to dad, telling her she should be glad he doesn’t shake her down like Joe does to him. The FBI was sitting on those messages along with Hunter’s laptop since last December.

James Biden is now at the center of the spotlight as the public learns that two of the Americore hospitals he was associated with were raided by FBI agents earlier this year over allegations of “gross financial mismanagement.” They weren’t really a healthcare company, they were a kickback company in disguise. According to the court documents, Americore was not acting “in a manner that is consistent with public safety and welfare.”

Described in court documents as a “principle” of the company, James Biden disputes that he had anything to do with running the “small medical firms,” he just got money from them. According to Tom Pritchard, he was paid for his last name. He allegedly “promised a large investment from the Middle East based on his political connections.” that never happened. “It was all smoke and mirrors.” His main qualification was telling “potential partners, including at Americore, that his last name could open doors.” It looks like it’s about to open the door to a prison cell for him, right next to Hunter and Joe.

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