Democrats Remove POW/MIA Flags from Offices, But What They Replaced Them with is the Real Shocker…

What the heck is up with this?!
POWMIA Flag Removal
Photo Courtesy of Ron Cogswell via Creative Commons License

Many Americans are finally waking up to the fact that Democrats really don’t have our best interests at heart.

I cannot help but laugh, as this has been evident since Trump announced his candidacy and all you need to do is look at something that happened about a year ago that saw the far-left direction of the party.

Ignoring Our Veterans

Few would argue with the notion that our veterans and our military, in general, were put on the backburner during the Obama administration.

Dems have continued to push that agenda as Trump has tried to restore confidence with our brave soldiers and veterans.

In a blatant move of disrespect last year, Democrats decided it would be a good idea to remove the POW/MIA flags and replace them… with Transgender Equality flags.

This disgraceful event happened during Trans Visibility Week, yet another ludicrous liberal cause.

Now, I think we all realize Democrats today will embrace any extreme cause in their effort to deceive the American people.

If they wanted to fly their ridiculous flag, fine, but do not remove the POW/MIA flag to disrespect those that have paid the ultimate price to defend this country.

That, however, is exactly what they did, including one presidential candidate.

Not only did Bernie Sanders fly this ridiculous flag, but he also did so proudly and completely removed the POW/MIA flag to put the trans flag up in its place.


He was far from being along, as tweets like this were running rampant on Twitter, with Democrats openly dissing the POW/MIA.

This all happened at the end of March last year, a date that is quickly looming.

Again, if they want to fly their ridiculous flag, fine, but don’t you dare respect the POW/MIA flag in the process!

  1. remove our vets lag that they died for hese dems are out of control doing what ever they want and justice dept doesnt do a damn thing ,,,,,,,,,,they must go ,,,now want to control the election aying americans are no good so want to take over the votes when will there be law and order in this country for the dems when wheres are laws damnit

  2. The homosexual fcet of America comprises a very timy number compared to POW’s and the ewalking wounded Military in America. Why is it that the Democrats cater so much to such a small minority [<5%] as if they were the majority in the US. This disgusting bowing down to a questionable life style that has brought us AIDS and a great deal of controversy among the American voter is ruining our great nation. These homosexuals are working hard to disrupt and corrupt our children in the most formative years of pre primary and all their early years of education. It is a corrupt life style that has managed to infiltrate the normal life style of young Americans. It has a n evil and unbridled intention to ruin out culture. We must make every effort to stop this vile and hateful abuse of our children and outr media. Start with banning the people who dress as the opposite sex and come into our schools to do horrid and disgusting things to our innocent children

  3. The damned-o-craps have gone TOO FAR this time. They need to have more respect! At this point, they have none!

  4. The POW’S and veterans have fought , and in many cases DIED for this Country ! Tell me what the
    Transgender equality people have done for this Country ! This is an INSULT to every member of the Military, both past, and present. The Democrats DO NOT deserve to run this Country !

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