Democrats Scrambling to Twist Things as Their Strong Arm Terrorist Group Attacks


No, it’s not an insurrection, Democrats insist in their sick and twisted doublespeak. What’s happening in Portland is just another peaceful protest. The domestic terror group affiliated with Antifa ideals and toting Black Lives Matter banners are still using their strong arm tactics after ten solid months because they seem to work. At least, they’re still allowed to get away with them.

Terror group invades

On Thursday night, left-wing activists linked to domestic terror group Black Lives Matter and it’s affiliate of anarchists, antifa, “set fire to the federal courthouse in Portland, Oregon. They did it for a couple reasons.

Mostly, it was supposed to be a protest against “the extension of an oil pipeline that goes from Alberta, Canada, to Superior, Wisconsin.” They’re ready to burn down the city because “the pipeline would damage local wetlands and some Native American territories.” Sure, why not? Democrats shrug.

“So naturally,” as Patriot Project writes, “leftist rioters tried to counter the prospective environmental damage by torching taxpayer-funded public property and releasing toxic fumes into the air.”

The group had another good reason to riot. “Protesters also note the recently disassembled fence in front of the courthouse and the beginning of the Chauvin trial as reasons they’re out tonight.”

Journalist Andy Ngo was on the scene once again, providing an on the ground play-by-play for the viewers at home. “Antifa set fire to the federal courthouse in downtown Portland.

There are people inside,” Ngo reported but those reports were unconfirmed. The group of terrorists did, however, try to “smash their way into the Mark O. Hatfield federal courthouse.”

Barricades missing in action

The entire reason why the Imperial Palace is still hanging on to 5,000 National Guard troops to defend the Capitol is because they are afraid that as soon as they go home, deplorable Trump Supporters will invade again. Folks always point the finger at behavior they themselves are guilty of.

Just because Democrats behave that way, doesn’t mean flag-waving, patriotic, conservative, nationalist, deplorable Trump supporters would behave like a group of barbarians. Only the ones stupid enough to believe what “Q,” — who admits he’s with the Federal Bureau of Instigation — tells them, are likely to do that.

“Federal officials just removed the barricades protecting the building after months of #antifa attacks on the building. Now they’re back again,” Ngo tweeted as a group tried to smash their way in.

Ever since George Floyd, “fiery demonstrations, riots and violent clashes with police have besieged Portland on a near-daily basis for 10 straight months.”

Part of the reason they get away with the violent insurrection night after night is because the Democratic mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler, is such a wuss that he allows them to run rampant.

He even let the group chase him out of his condo. He was “forced to move after his condominium complex was targeted.” A mob of “leftist rioters” tried “to set fire to the building.” On top of that, instead of getting a medal for all his liberal help, “Wheeler was punched by one of the demonstrators in January while trying to eat dinner at a local restaurant.”

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