Antifa Already Burning Things Down and Trying to Murder Citizens…Police Respond


Even before the polls open on election day, Black Lives Matter has already started burning things down and trying to murder citizens. Police claim that they responded but they only made two arrests.


Burning and looting tonight

On the eve of the election, it was a typical Monday night of burning and looting for Portland, Oregon. Antifa-inspired anarchists organized by Black Lives Matter and George Soros don’t bother getting proper permits to have a march. They simply had one. They marched right up to Portland State University and vandalized the office where the campus police hang out. Then they tried to torch the Starbucks.

The university had already been boarded up from previous riots and the gathering was clearly an unlawful assembly but they continued to riot and attempt arson until nearly midnight. They promise a better burning and riot show “tomorrow night” which would be after the election results start coming in. The National Guard is standing by on Tuesday. All the local militia groups are simply “standing by.”

You simply can’t have a peaceful protest without burning something, so after smashing windows at the cop shop, the Portland Democrats decided to torch the nearby Starbucks.

Fashionably attired in black

All the Antifa-inspired troops were fashionably attired in black from masks to shields. Once they smashed their way into the coffee shop, they doused the business with “a flammable liquid” reportedly Kerosene. The Starbucks happens to be attached to what serves as the University’s dorms, “about 300 apartments filled with students for the University.” It’s not clear if they knew that burning one would ignite the other. Police did, and chased them out quick.

Along with burning down the city, the BLM rabble army was on sharp alert for journalists. They enforced a “no video” rule Monday night to keep the police from gathering any useful intelligence. When they noticed that “Behind Enemy Lines News” was recording the assault on Starbucks, “He was confronted by several Antifa members and his stream suddenly turned off.”

Filming the burning of a Starbucks was a dangerous decision. Shortly after the stream went dark, his entire twitch page went with it. “It was speculated in the Twittersphere that Antifa falsely reported the page multiple times to get it shut off. The safety of the streamer was unknown.” Another journalist was warned at top volume, “If you want to be a journalist, don’t film the protesters.” Around Midnight, the cops asked politely for everyone to call it a night and they did. But they promised to be back again Tuesday.

  1. Stop playing games with these rodents. Shoot on site, one shot, one kill. BLM and ANTIFA are a malignant cancer that will not go away, and must be eradicated before it can spread any further. They are enemies of this county, and need to be exterminated like the foul vermin they are.

  2. I’ll be honest. I find it hard to feel sorry for Starbucks. Their products are highly overrated and over-priced. While I must say that I don’t agree with Black Lives Matter and Antifa on a lot of issues, I have to concur with their choice of coffee shops to destroy. That said, I would not want to be, legally, responsible for the cost of objecting to whatever it is about Starbucks they happen to object to. Wasn’t the coffee black enough????

  3. These Terrorists are empowered by the Democrats and those on the left’s refusal to condemn the tactics of mob Violance and action . While they may or may not have ordered these people to act and may have absolutely no connection to them , their scilence on the Violance , Looting and wanton destruction only serves as tacit approval of mob rule . The time has come , and actually is long past for action in combating , with military force if need be , to halt ANTIFA and their agents and the violent factions of the BLM movement . There is only one goal these people have , and that is the complete destruction of the United States and her system of government . There is no logic nor reason to their plan only CHAOS ! Everyone over the age of 10 knows who is the bankroll behind this movement and I suspect that with his arrest and deportation will go a long way to halting these riots . Yes Riots , not Protests for that they are not . The push for Civil war is what these people want . Sadly for all of the citizens of this nation they will be caught up in it . As for the leftists who are pushing this , they can’t win . Patriots will rise up as they always have in past to support our military and law enforcement personnel in stopping these Un-American radicals and their agenda .

  4. the looting has to stop-by whatever means necessary!!!
    Use to be that looters were shot-dead!

    then somebody said that steeling was not a crime that warrented the death penalty.

    maybe it should be reconsidered.

    I think it’s called putting teeth in the law!

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