Chicago Obama Thug Sisters Stab Innocent Worker 27 Times


A pair of thug sisters tried to use the race card to gain access at a “Snipes” store in Barack Obama’s home city of Chicago on Sunday. “Don’t you see what color we are? Masks? We don’t need no stinking masks!”


The security guard who made the mistake of reminding them what the law said learned real fast that laws don’t apply to Black people anymore. He was carried out with 27 more holes than he walked in with that day.

Twisted sisters slice and dice security guard

Remember, the next time you see those peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters in the streets, that they might be carrying concealed weapons. They don’t bother with permits for them either.

On Sunday, around 6:00 p.m. 21-year-old Jessica Hill and her little sister, Jayla Hill, age 18, casually strolled into the Snipes store, which deals “Shoes, Sneakers & Street Wear” to the fashionable masses. The unnamed guard politely informed the sisters they couldn’t enter without masks and using the courtesy hand sanitizer. That was all it took to set them off.

The sisters argued with the 32-year-old before they “brutally attacked” the guard. Jayla “took out her phone to record the confrontation,” Sun-Times reports, “and said she was calling someone to ‘kick his ass.'” When the “6-foot-5, 270-pound security guard then reached for the phone,” it was on. That’s when Jessica Hill allegedly “picked up a trash can” to “hurl it at the guard’s face.”

While they were punching and scuffling with the guard, Jayla grabbed his hair to hold him steady, while Jessica stabbed him 27 times with a concealed knife comb she had in her pocket.

According to Karie James, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Police Department, “Jessica allegedly stabbed him in the back, neck and arms, while Jayla held on to the man’s hair.” The prosecutor adds that the sisters “then kicked him in the head and body.”

Guard in critical condition

The guard managed to break loose and helped corral the vicious barbarian sisters until the cops showed up. He was treated at the scene and rapidly transported to Mt. Sinai Hospital, where he’s listed in critical condition.

They appeared on Tuesday for a bond hearing and the Judge said never in a million years. Cook County Circuit Court Judge Mary C. Marubio “ordered the sisters to be held without bond on charges of first-degree attempted murder.” She was shocked, and that says a lot for a judge in Chicago. “It’s the complete randomness of this. It’s terrifying.”

The public defender attorney for the slasher sisters argued valiantly for his clients that “the first-degree attempted murder charges were too extreme because they were acting in self-defense and have bipolar disorder,” but the judge didn’t buy if for a second.

The attorney also argued that the attack wasn’t planned. That didn’t matter to the judge. She was concerned by the “sheer number” of stab wounds. “This is just too random and quickly escalating,” Marubio said.

Not only that, she takes her duty to protect the public seriously, unlike the Chicago Police Department. “I can’t fashion conditions that would protect the community.” The girls won’t see daylight until November 4, for their next court hearing.

  1. ANIMALS! Nothing more than animals. blm, antifa and all the rest. They are communist funded terrorist groups and they have one purpose and that is to disrupt our nation until the elections. Then prepare for an insurgent of these radically insane individuals. It’s time we begin to fight back and retain all that is this nation under God, called AMERICA!

  2. You better believe this will escalate one hundred fold if Biden is elected, then gets turned over to Kamala. Use Philadelphia as another example. God help this country if they get into office.

  3. The Obamas already left Chicago and probably sold any real estate they owned there cause property values certainly aren’t going up in Illinois or Chicago .Meanwhile out on the coast in Massachusetts which IS heavily democrat but is usually managed by a republican governor EX President Obama bought amulti million dollar house out on theVineyard with the Obama wanabee s The Kennedy Clan .WOW wonder what all you street folk in all those major Democratic cities that are burning and being looted are think ??Your own Bros being gazillionaires and they are WHERE, ?when YOU th e people need some rightiousness, are to befound ?

  4. Well, If a picture is better than a thousand words, I need only commend to you the Images herein of these two Cretins.
    Don’t look for any sign of humanity or intelligence in the dull and vacant eyes of these two inbred cows.
    Perhaps the judge will sentence them to be returned to that “Social Clearing House” the left wing goofs so love; and Ship them back to Planned Parenthood ,where they were obviously overlooked in the daily slaughter pens.
    I do Pray the Security guard recovers from his/her wounds.

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