BLM Burns Practically The Entire City of Kenosha to the Ground Over Night


Black Lives Matter anarchists burned most of Kenosha, Wisconsin to the ground Monday night while massively outnumbered Police and National Guard units were forced to stand back and watch. If it happens again tonight, residents are concerned that there won’t be anything left. The civil war has officially moved into the suburbs and it’s only a taste of what’s to come if Joe Biden gets elected.


Kenosha, Wisconsin becomes a suburban battlefield

The children of darkness came from all over Chicagoland to battle the police in Kenosha. When it was obvious they outnumbered law enforcement by more than ten-to-one, the mob went crazy, burning and looting all night long until they got tired and went home. The 100 percent off sale and bonfire is expected to continue again tonight. After that, there won’t be anything left to burn or loot. The violence was so obvious that one anarchist was photographed pointing a handgun at a reporter.

As RedState reports, the city of Kenosha isn’t a big one, only about 100,000 people. Their department had all 185 officers on the streets, joined by around 600 men from the Sheriff’s office. The National Guard supplied 125 soldiers but they were ordered by the Governor only to provide security for fire and ambulance teams, not to assist the police. No other liberal outlying areas would send reinforcements. The anarchists, on the other hand, were organized into units and transported to the battlefield.

Videos confirm that “several thousand” rioters descended on Kenosha. Law enforcement was so outnumbered that they had a deadly choice to make, “use deadly force, or just let the rioters have their way.” They stood back and roasted marshmallows with the flames coming off the burning buildings. One police official noted, “The rioters will decide when they want to stop. By the looks of things tonight, that might not happen until they simply run out of things to destroy and burn.”

The rioters were imported

As the Green Bay Press Gazette reports, “fed up and looking for change, dozens of activists drove from Green Bay to Kenosha on Monday. The incident also “drew activists from Green Bay and throughout Wisconsin into the streets.” As one rioter Dajahnae Williams, declared, “People are going to get upset because we’re in the streets, but we’re upset because we’re getting killed.” Besides being a nurse, she’s also a “community organizer in Green Bay.” She insists this is only the beginning. “Until y’all upset at the right people and not the movement, we’re going to keep doing it all year long.”

One group of rebel warriors “met in Bellevue Monday afternoon to organize carpools for the drive to Kenosha, where they expected to join Kenosha residents and people from Milwaukee and Chicago. They donned face masks and put tape on their clothing to identify themselves as part of the Green Bay cohort.” Once they arrived they used a “walkie-talkie app to communicate.”

Anarchist Hakeem Fernandez, “wants to see more from leaders like progressive Governor Tony Evers, including a willingness to march with activists.” Instead of defending Kenosha, the Governor handed it over to the mob and allowed them to burn and loot the city to their heart’s content. She probably considers it “reparations.” He came in from Green Bay to “demand criminal charges against the officer — not just termination or administrative leave.”

On Tuesday morning, residents are still shell shocked at the disaster around them in the daylight. Many are fed up, declaring, “enough is enough.” As one resident explained, “I think a lot of people in our community are in that same boat and are just kind of processing like alright so what happened and what are next steps?” Another added, “If this escalates into anything more than it was last night, and even that was in my mind, you know, I mean come on we’re in the United States, this stuff just should not be tolerated by anybody.”

  1. Fire the Governos all govs and mayors who tie police’s hands and not do their job.! How much more shall this country endure to stop these thugs from destroying and finally taking over the country.
    WE WANT LAW and ORDER! SEND in the FEDS! Enough is ENOUGH!

  2. This is the French Revolution II; and it will not stop until these “mostly peaceful demonstrators” have destroyed the entire nation. That is their admitted goal. “Race” is only the pretext for their lawlessness, the creation of the chaos they crave. Borne of emotional infantilism, ignorance, and greed for material goods they want handed to them without working for them, they know nothing of the ultimate consequences of their actions: we will all be living in a violent, lawless dark age, until a dictator arises to restore some modicum of perceived “safety” for the people of this once free and great nation.

  3. It’s time to use deadly force to stop this madness, I can’t believe this country has reached a point of just standing there and let them destroy everything, I guess it will continue until the law abiding citizens pick up arms and stop it by lethal force

  4. These people are terrorist. Arm the National Guard and protect the citizens and city from them even if it means shooting. They are the enemy of American.

  5. WELCOME to the hood! Hope you enjoy it. This is all these people can relate to. Once you get tired of living in an area that represents a war zone. Eventually, you will tire of this way of life. When you get ready to FIGHT BACK, let me know. There is a group (large) that will assist in this endeavor!

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