Biden Infuriates Liberals By Not Declaring Climate Emergency


Liberals are hopping mad that Joe Biden didn’t go ahead and declare a “climate emergency” today. The progressives want to put all the American farmers out of business like they are in Europe but his Imperial Wisdom chickened out. The last thing he wants before the midterms are farmers circling the beltway with their tractors and burning haybales at the Walmart distribution centers.

Climate emergency on hold

Congress just made it clear they aren’t going to pass any new climate change action. So, progressives are vocally demanding Joe Biden wave his magic pen and grant their every wish. He went in front of cameras on Wednesday to make a big announcement but it turned out to be nothing like the one his adoring fans expected.

The emergency declaration will have to wait a while, he soothes. In the meantime, they’ll build some more windmills. Nobody stops to consider that when they soon wear out, nobody knows how to dispose of the old blades. They’re carbon fiber so at least they end up sequestering a bunch, in a big huge landfill pile somewhere.

Communities across the country are “facing extreme heat.” The discomfort everyone traditionally blamed on “summer” is all attributed to “climate change,” now. Liberals make it seem like Miami is threatened to be washed away by rising sea levels any moment. Don’t even talk about “geoengineering.

No, really. You aren’t allowed to discuss that topic. There is no organized program to alter the weather patterns. By the way, nobody ever claimed that million dollar bounty for a snapshot image taken prior to 1986 which shows a tic-tac-toe pattern of “contrails” like we see practically every day.

Joe Biden ordered his flunkies to “decisive and speedy action on climate.” He’s not real happy that the Supreme Court ruled the EPA has a tendency to overstep their authority so they can’t do as they please any longer.

While Biden is “eager” to “demonstrate his commitment” to the Great Reset and Agenda 2030, all he can do today is “boost the offshore wind industry.” Hey, c’mon guys, it’s a step in the right direction he whines. His handlers will be happy if he steps off the podium without falling.


It’s an emergency alright

Sure, the greenhouse gas emissions level is at emergency crisis stage, Biden tells the activists. He really wants to declare a state of emergency for it but the time isn’t right. Instead, he unveiled “a handful of lesser steps.” As a staffer explained later to CNN, “this is an emergency and we are going to act” but Biden will “outline that at his pace.” He has the pace of a snail unless he’s going for ice cream. Additional actions, national climate adviser Gina McCarthy promises, “would be unveiled this summer.

There isn’t much he can do with an emergency act which wouldn’t have a near fatal impact on America’s farmers. Farmers who have been closely following the situation their European counterparts find themselves in. That includes massive grass roots protests which nobody wants to put on the news. The farmers literally brought out their pitchforks and torches when they took to the street. It could happen just as easily in Iowa.

While Joe was bumping knuckles with the Saudi Crown Prince in Jeddah, his team was hard at work in Washington “working to finalize options” for Joe to sign now that he’s home.

The one they really wanted him to sign is the climate emergency declaration, “a move several Senate Democrats have said is necessary as it becomes clearer Congress won’t act.” Sorry, press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre says, “everything is on the table. It’s just not going to be this week on that decision.

Rather than declare a climate emergency right off the bat, FEMA’s Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities program will get some more cash printed up from the Treasury. Low-income Americans will also get money to buy some relief from the “extreme heat.” That will get passed out through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Biden promised his supervisors in Brussels that he would meet the Agenda 2030 goal of cutting emissions in half but when he saw the way Dutch farmers reacted to that, he came to the sudden realization the farmers might burn the White House down with him inside it if he tried that now.

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