Dems Aspire to Use Fauci as Their New Weapon to Take Down Trump

The Democrats aspire to use Dr. Anthony Fauci, one of the nation’s top immunologists, as their new weapon to take down United States President Donald Trump. Fauci is scheduled to testify Tuesday before the Senate Health Committee about Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

After completely failing in impeaching Trump with the Russia and Ukraine hoaxes, the Democrats are now trying to use the COVID-19 panic, which has been fueled by the Democrats and the liberal media, in another attempt to bring down Trump.

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, a frequent critic of Trump, stated, “This will be one of the first opportunities for Dr. Fauci to tell the American people the unvarnished truth without the president lurking over his shoulder. Dr. Fauci, let it rip.” 

The Democrats, who previously championed a sex offender as a ‘star witness’ against Trump’s Coronavirus response, have laid seige on the Trump Administration which gears to reopen American businesses, which contradicts the the desires of the Democrats. Democratic governors, such as those in California, Michigan, and Oregon, have gone tyrannical in their desires to shut down their states. 

Fauci, the Globalist

Despite failing to usurp Trump’s authority over the last three years, the Democrats predictably are using the Coronavirus panic in another disingenuous attack. With Joe Biden harming himself with the Tara Reade situation, the Democrats are brining in the globalist Fauci to continue their attempts to weaken the President.

In March, Fauci revealed his connection to Tedros Adhanom, the World Health Organization (WHO) Director General. In 2005-2012, when Adhanom was Ethiopia’s Minister of Health, millions of dollars from governments around the world disappeared. These moneys were earmarked to treat AIDS in Ethiopia.

According to The Gateway Pundit, Fauci’s connection to Adhanom also connects him to the Clinton Foundation. A Clinton Foundation press release entitled, ‘Clinton Foundation and Ethiopia Sign Agreement to Expand HIV/AIDS Partnership,’ stated the Adhanom-Clinton relationship.

This press release quoted Adhanom,The agreement with the Clinton Foundation is also unique in that it includes capacity building of the health system which is very crucial in sustaining the fight as indicated in our strategic plan. I would like to use this opportunity to thank President Clinton for his commitment to fight HIV/AIDS.”

Globalist Bill Gates has been pushing mandatory vaccinations and worldwide testing since the beginning of the panic. Fauci’s partner during the pandemic, Dr. Deborah Birx, pushed the Gates funded model of Coronavirus death’s in the early stages of the initial panic in March. This model predicted about 120,000 COVID-19 deaths by early April.  Only about 31,000 deaths occured by that date.

The globalists are interconnected and this is currently on display as the Democrats bring in Fauci to hammer President Trump who is insisting on reopening American businesses in a safe and logical way. Besides wanting to embarrass the President, they are doing whatever possible to deter his reelection. 


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