Rep. Collins Puts Pelosi Right in Her Place

Doug Collins
Photo via C-Span YouTube Video Screenshot

Rep. Doug Collins (R-GA), who served as a member of Trump’s defense team, just had some rather harsh words for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA).

During a Fox & Friends interview, Collins stated that Pelosi “needs to take a vacation.”

Break Time

Pelosi has had a rough couple of years and things do not appear as though they are going to get better for her anytime soon.

Just as Collins stated, it may be time for Pelosi to “go clear her head” and come back with a new perspective.

Collins also stated that Pelosi “needs to get over the disaster that she put the country through the last year,” and he is absolutely right, but she does not appear to be willing to do that.

Pelosi continues to hang on to the idea that Trump is “impeached forever,” yet she refused to even acknowledge the acquittal.

Collins stated, “The president was acquitted forever.

“We need to put this nightmare to bed.

“She needs to quit going on TV and saying, ‘He’s impeached and tarnished forever’ because it’s not true. 

“The only thing [that] is true is she’s making everything political about this president and the 2020 election.”

Collins then predicted the re-election of Trump and stated, “a lot of it has to do with this incessant drum beat from the Speaker over things that went on in the House that were unfair to the president, unfair to the country and unfair to the American people.”

Finally, he stated, “We need to continue to focus on what matters to the American people instead of her personal political agenda,” and I could not agree with him more.

Just a Waste of Time

Do you know why Trey Gowdy left office? Because he was sick and tired of useless investigations by Congress, at least in part.

How many congressional investigations have we had or investigations inspired by Congress that went to the DOJ in the last three years?

An impeachment… failed.

Mueller investigation… failed.

IG report… finds FISA abuse, nobody held accountable.

McCabe investigation… failed.

Clinton Foundation investigation… failed.

Let’s start leaving these investigations to the agencies responsible for this type of work and let our government get back to legislating.

Last time I checked, we need infrastructure, a budget, immigration reform, better care for our veterans, and that little nuisance called the deficit.

None of this can be addressed when our lawmakers are busy playing detective.

  1. Put Nancy in charge of the minority back bench and at 79, she’ll have a couple of years left, by swamp rules, left to regain the House. Democrats either get beat, die or flee the corruption charges, they know how their breads buttered and never leave a good deal.

  2. The career criminals like Pelosi can’t quit because they are in it so deep now and being protected by being in Congress is the only way to not be shot or hung in GITMO like the rest of us , that would be terminated for 1 / millionth of the crimes Pelosi has committed against America .

  3. Pelosi is the most ignorant of Congress! He was acquitted which means their impeachment is null and void! She is a pig in the packing house! She is a witch and she will never be anything but a loser!

  4. Pelosi just needs to retire. She and Ginsburg are prime examples of why we need age and term limits. When the Framers determined these factors people just did not live long enough for their bodies to “outlive” proper mental capacity. Honestly old age has taken its toll on their rational thinking ability and they are too far gone to realize it. Speaking as one who witnessed dementia in my family I see the early signs in both of them.

  5. If Bernie Sanders were to be elected into Office, they would find their Bank Accounts wither down to Zero in no time by “Over-Taxation.” They want Socialism, they’ll be the first to go because of their “Big Mouths,” when they start protesting via Social media. In the past, I haven’t seen or heard of Hollywood helping the Homeless in California or even building, funding, and staffing a very much needed Hospital?

  6. Should retire, should resign, should be voted out, NO!!!! Should be indicted and thrown into prison, loss of all benefits. This garbage that congress pulls are not ethics violations they are violations of the law which should go before the Court not a congressional ethics whitewash legislative committee doing a Justice Dept job

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