Dems Dealt Critical Blow to Agenda, Begin to Spiral Out of Control


As soon as they got the word from their Senate referee, the entire liberal agenda started spiraling down into an explosive crater. Democrats thought they were on the verge of quietly granting amnesty to millions of illegals, then they got the bad news.


Dem agenda implodes

The whole liberal agenda imploded late Sunday, when the Senate parliamentarian ruled that Democrats can’t use their pork-stuffed $3.5 trillion reconciliation package to “give millions of immigrants a chance to become citizens.”

They thought after years of dreaming the fantasy was about to become a reality.

Elizabeth MacDonough’s decision dealt a crippling blow to the liberal left agenda. The Parliamentarian has the job of interpreting the Senate’s “often enigmatic rules.”

The imperial palace is calling the news “a damaging and disheartening setback” for His Wisdom Joe Biden. He’s getting used to them. Meanwhile, “congressional Democrats and their allies in the pro-immigration and progressive communities” are howling mad.

Democrats are holding out lost hope that they can offer MacDonough “fresh alternatives” but her “stance badly wounds their hopes of unilaterally enacting, over Republican opposition, changes letting several categories of immigrants gain permanent residence and possibly citizenship.”

In other words, an agenda of “amnesty” for all. In order to get it through now, they need 60 senate votes to break the filibuster. The “immigration language has virtually no chance in the 50-50 Senate.”

Merely incidental

According to the three page decision memo, MacDonough noted that “provisions are not allowed in such bills if their budget effect is ‘merely incidental’ to their overall policy impact.”

What Democrats are trying to force through unilaterally amounts to “a broad, new immigration policy.” New World Order agenda or not, they can’t make this sneaky trick fly.

Under their secret agenda, the one sided regulations would have opened “multiyear doorways to legal permanent residence — and perhaps citizenship — for young immigrants brought illegally to the country as children, often called ‘Dreamers.'” But wait, there’s more!

“Also included would be immigrants with Temporary Protected Status who’ve fled countries stricken by natural disasters or extreme violence; essential workers and farm workers.” Amnesty for everyone.

The estimate is that after eliminating duplicate entries, “8 million people would be helped by the Democratic effort” if they could squeeze it through. Now those 8 million are looking at deportation. Biden had his own personal agenda. He wanted it to cover all 11 million illegals estimated to be here now.

They can’t do it this way but that doesn’t mean they’ll stop trying. “We are deeply disappointed in this decision but the fight to provide lawful status for immigrants in budget reconciliation continues,” Top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer, wrote in a statement. “Senate Democrats have prepared alternate proposals and will be holding additional meetings with the Senate parliamentarian in the coming days.”

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