Deputies Perform Awesome PIT Maneuver, Take Down Criminal Like a Bunch of Pro’s


There are some days where our law enforcement officers seem like they might just be showing off. May 21st was one of those days in Houston, TX. In West Houston near Highway 6 and Westpark around 2:30 AM a high-speed chase began which ended on the East Freeway about a half-an-hour later. The Houston County Sheriff’s office tweeted, “Deputies initiated a traffic stop at HWY6 and Westpark, the suspect vehicle fled north on HWY 6. The pursuit ended when a PIT maneuver was conducted in the area of east bound, Interstate 10 and Waco Street. One male in custody, no injuries. #HouNews

We don’t have a clear picture of why the suspect fled from officers at the outset in the late model Ford Taurus. But we definitely now how it ended, with an expertly performed PIT (Pursuit Intervention Technique) maneuver and a spin out that led to an arrest with no injuries.

According to ABC13, “It was a chase that went on for 23 miles overnight, and the moment a deputy rammed his cruiser into the suspect vehicle was caught on camera.”

The PIT Manuever

We hear the term “PIT Maneuver ” on the news and on compilation programs like Worlds Wildest Police Videos from the pre-YouTube heyday of Fox’s shock TV, but the technique itself isn’t always explored.

According to the US National Institute of Justice :

Known initially as “tactical ramming” or “legal intervention”, this maneuver was more fully developed and popularized more than a decade ago by BSR Inc., the Summit Point, West Virginia, advanced driver training center, as tactical vehicle interception (TVI), a formal training technique for law enforcement. The first large law enforcement agency to teach TVI as a technique to halt fleeing vehicles was the Fairfax County (Virginia) Police Department, which modified the program for police use and named it “Precision Immobilization Technique” or P.I.T.[1]

Based on the video which is viewable on ABC13‘s website the technique was expertly applied and the result was indisputable: the safe apprehension of the suspect with minimal risk to the officer, the public or even the suspect themselves. The Houston Sheriff Deputies are definitely Pro’s.


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