Elon Musk Completely Shreds Jan 6 Committee

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There was a time when Elon Musk leaned more left than right.

The more he has learned about Democrats, the more he has slid over to the right.

After seeing the Tucker Carlson tapes on January 6, well, he pretty much blew up the Democrat Party.


When we start digging into what the January 6 committee presented and what the full truth was, it is going to get ugly.

Democrats are flipping out over the release of the tapes, but the reality of the situation is that they manipulated the tapes to make events far worse than they were.

For instance, the QAnon Shaman is in jail for four years for what amounted to be a tour of the Capitol by Capitol Police.

Elon Musk shredded the committee on Twitter…

There is an underlying issue here that most are completely missing, and that is the corruption on the judiciary.

All of this video was available to defense attorneys, so how was the Shaman sent to jail for four years with that video available?

Well, that would be because the judge in the case was more than likely a liberal looking to make an example of him.

Source: Fox News

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