Failed Democrat Candidate’s Classless Tweet About Kellyanne Conway

So trashy…
Kellyanne Conway
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

The party of inclusion and tolerance has struck again.


Pam Keith, who has been an utter failure at every stage of her political career, for some reason felt the need to age-shame Kellyanne Conway on Twitter recently…

The Narcissist

Why Keith felt the need to compare herself to Conway is a mystery.

After the tweet went out, the reaction was both swift and severe.

Missy Crane, a journalist for Wayne Dupree’s website, stated that “Keith is one of the most vulgar, unprofessional Democrat women” in the party and this was a new low even for her.

Crane added, “She decided it’d be a great idea to compare herself to Conway in one of the most desperate narcissistic tweets ever.

“It felt like a poorly written scene from the geriatric ‘Mean Girls’ sequel.”

Keith was clearly trying to create some type of momentum for her personal profile, but attacking a fellow woman’s looks over politics… well, most people believe she went way too far…

Keith eventually took her tweet down, but this will be a stain that followers her for the rest of her career.

What Career?

How Keith believes she is relevant is a bit confusing. Keith ran for a Senate seat in Florida in 2016 and never made it out of the primary.

She was defeated by Patrick Murphy.

Keith tried her luck again, running for a seat on the House in 2018, but again, she was defeated in the primary.

She is a wannabe politician that has struck out twice, failing to even gain a primary win, yet she is comparing herself to Conway, a woman with a long and successful career who now has one of the most high-profile jobs in the country.

Ms. Keith, you may have fewer wrinkles than Kellyanne Conway, but I can guarantee you she holds far more clout in the class category.

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  1. What if we compare Pam Keith to our Flotus just for material reasons. Guess what, Pam would suck worse than a sandstorm in the Sahara. Where is your decency ladies. jwstx

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