Senate GOP Stops Pork Filled BS Bill, Includes Things That Americans Really Need…Liberal Heads EXPLODE

Senate stimulus relief covid bill mcconnell

On Tuesday, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell introduced his own version of a bill to increase the $600 stimulus checks from the COVID-19 relief package to $2,000, but also included two other major priorities for President Trump. The legislation would also repeal Section 230, the controversial liability protection for online platforms, and create a committee on the Election Assistance Commission to study election integrity.


Mitch McConnell makes a big gamble

“During this process, the president highlighted three additional issues of national significance he would like to see Congress tackle together,” McConnell said, before listing off the president’s grievances about the amount of the stimulus payment, Section 230 and the election. “Those are the three important subjects the president has linked together. This week, the Senate will begin a process to bring these three priorities into focus.”

Rachel Maddow is calling the additions to Mitch McConnell’s bill, which include President Trump’s demands to repeal Section 230 and investigate voter fraud, “poison pills” that will probably kill the bill completely. For some reason, the Left is vehemently opposed to forming a congressional commission to investigate election fraud. They claim this is all just a bogus conspiracy, even though they spent the past five years telling Americans that President Trump is a puppet of Russia. They investigated the president and even impeached him. But now we’re all supposed to shut up and accept this rigged election.

McConnell’s bill is unlikely to gain the support of the 60 senators that would be needed to break a filibuster. Some Republicans, especially the handful who have already said they favor $2,000 stimulus checks, would likely back the bill. Most Democrats will probably not vote for it due to the other issues in McConnell’s bill.

President Trump warns Senate to pass the bill

If this bill does not pass quickly, it would certainly hurt Republican Senate candidates in the Georgia runoff elections. Trump warned Republicans that they should support quick delivery of stimulus checks unless they “have a death wish” in a Tuesday tweet. He doubled down Wednesday morning, saying, “$2000 ASAP!”

President Trump objected to several aspects of the defense spending bill, including the fact that the bill renamed bases named after Confederates and did not repeal Section 230. The current Congress ends on Sunday, Jan. 3, which means that any other action on stimulus checks must happen quickly. At that point, lawmakers will have to completely restart the legislative process.

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