FBI Had Their Office Attacker On Radar For Months


The FBI was so busy trying to pin sketchy espionage charges on former President Donald Trump that they didn’t bother to do anything about an unstable maniac who had been on their radar for months. It bit them in the anatomy when their unfounded raid on Mar-a-Lago pushed Ricky Walter Shiffer Jr. over the edge. He armed himself heavily, then attempted to invade their Cincinnati field office.

FBI heavily fortified

Ricky Shiffer thought he had figured out a way to break through the bullet proof glass at the heavily fortified FBI field office in Cincinnati, Ohio. He brought a nail gun for that on Thursday, August 11. It didn’t work. He also brought an AR-15 style rifle.

Before ending his life in a shootout with authorities 35 miles away, the 42-year-old served in the Navy. He worked on nuclear submarines and held top-level security clearance. The bureau knew all about him.

After the fact, the Federal Bureau of Instigation admits that Shiffer “had been under FBI investigation for months.” They’ve been following his posts on social media but missed the one that said he was coming for them. “If you don´t hear from me, it is true I tried attacking the F.B.I.

Unlike Stephen Paddock, who had an incurable disease which Proctor & Gamble doesn’t want to talk about, the bureau admits they know exactly what Shiffer’s motive was. He posted on Truth Social admitting “he undertook the doomed attack in revenge for the FBI’s raid and search of Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence earlier this week.

Shiffer, the FBI reveals, “had been an enlisted sailor who served aboard the USS Columbia attack submarine.” They point out the job “requires top-secret clearance.” He also served proudly as “an infantryman in the Florida National Guard.

After becoming a follower of “Q-Anon,” the bureau guided him into, or at the least watched without stopping, as Shiffer participated in the great barbarian insurrection of January 6, 2021.

Not specific and credible

The FBI confirmed that they had “been investigating Shiffer for months in connection with the U.S. Capitol riot and another matter, but the bureau said that it was not aware of a ‘specific and credible threat.

They didn’t have one of those when they raided Trump either, but that’s a different story. After bureau security agents allowed him to escape, police chased him for 35 miles.

Knowing what was likely in store for him next, Shiffer pulled off the freeway in Clinton County and made his last stand. The feds later admitted that maybe they had more information about Shiffer than they coughed up earlier. They “also received a tip about Shiffer in May that was unconnected to the Capitol riot, and agents opened a separate inquiry.


They aren’t talking about it because they may have been suggesting he do illegal things in social media exchanges or something. “Without specifying the nature of the second investigation, the FBI said that it had tried to interview Shiffer repeatedly but had failed to locate him.

He had no trouble finding the FBI on Thursday. Neighbors who live near Shiffer’s apartment in Columbus told the New York Times that federal agents had visited several weeks ago and asked about Shiffer, including when he usually left home for the day and returned.

Too bad they were so busy framing Donald Trump that they never went back to check on him.

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