FBI Raids ‘Proud Boys’ VP


FBI agents were terribly disappointed that they didn’t get to use their armored tactical vehicle or the battering ram they brought along, when “more than a dozen federal agents, dressed in riot gear” raided the home of Aaron Whallon Wolkind. He’s vice president of the Proud Boys’ Philadelphia chapter, so they were expecting an armed standoff. All they had to do was ring his doorbell.

FBI raids Proud Boy leader

In the pre-dawn hours of Friday, October 8, the FBI was fully prepared for battle. At 4 a.m. “more than a dozen federal agents, dressed in riot gear and accompanied by an armored vehicle and battering ram,” pounded on the door of 37-year-old Aaron Wolkind, waking him and his girlfriend from their peaceful slumber.

The bureau woke up the rest of the Newark, Delaware, neighborhood, by “ordering through a loudspeaker that he exit with his hands in the air.” Which he promptly did, his attorney Jonathon Moseley “wrote in a court filing.”

“Wolkind exited and was handcuffed but not arrested or charged with any crimes.” Moseley notes his “girlfriend was also handcuffed but not arrested.”

Deplorable patriots are a lot more peaceful than the FBI gives them credit for, even though they fully support the Second Amendment. They support law and order, which means your day to battle publicly in court, not a right to shoot it out with police over principals of politics.

The FBI carried away “all of his computer and computer devices and phones, including an old broken phone,” the attorney relates. Wolkind wasn’t even in D.C. when the barbarian invasion occurred.

Some are accusing the Federal Bureau of Instigation itself, for staging an “insurrection” by activating their QAnon network of unstable radicals. There were confirmed undercover informants working hand in hand with the bureau embedded in the Proud Boys and other right-leaning groups.

Feds empty handed

Attorney Moseley is convinced that Wolkind was only raided by the FBI because the feds are on a fishing trip. He’s certain that “the search and seizure was to gather information in the case against Zach Rehl, the self-described president of the Philadelphia Proud Boys, whom Moseley also represents.”

Rehl was arrested “on charges he conspired with other leading members of the organization to attack the Capitol.” The “other leading members” were likely the bureau rats trying to entrap him.

The only reason the public even learned about the FBI raid on Wolkind is because Moseley used the event as a reason to convince the judge to grant bail in Rehl’s case. The government, Moseley argues, “does not have sufficient evidence against Rehl to deny him bail and keep him in custody.”

The way the Wolkind search warrant is worded makes it crystal clear. The “warrant permitted agents to seize records and information” related to “people who ‘collaborated, conspired, or assisted,’ or ‘communicated about matters’ including their whereabouts, during the attack on the Capitol on Jan. 6, or the ‘legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election.'”

“The goal was to find evidence they don’t have on Rehl.” Prosecutors and the FBI want the public to believe that “Rehl played a central role in directing the Proud Boys’ actions during the deadly insurrection, alongside Joseph Biggs, a Proud Boys organizer from Florida, and Ethan Nordean, of Washington state, whom authorities have described as the organization’s ‘de facto leader’ on January 6.”

For now, Wolkind is laying low like Brian Laundrie. Moseley chuckled to reporters, “I think he’s gone camping to let things calm down for a few days.”

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