Fierce Democrat Candidate Looks to Unseat AOC

Her own party is going after her now!
AOC Challenged in NY primary Race
Photos via Guardian News and CNBC YouTube Video Screenshots

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is about to have a major battle on her hands.

Former CNBC anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera has officially announced that she will be running for office to remove AOC from her congressional seat.

Party Infighting

There is definitely a battle brewing inside the Democrat party that could change the future of politics forever.

This new wave of socialist is starting to cause problems for the Democrat establishment, as we have already seen throughout this impeachment hoax.

I have said all along that I think when push comes to shove, moderate Democrats are going to say enough is enough and start to fight back.

That appears to be the case in New York, where Caruso-Cabrera, a registered Democrat, is going to primary against incumbent Rep. Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th Congressional District.

Caruso-Cabrera is not pulling any punches about why she wants AOC out of the picture, either.

She has had no problem at all calling out AOC over her radical socialist beliefs and she will undoubtedly lure in support from both sides of the aisle if she is able to knock AOC out during the primary.

Who Is She?

Caruso-Cabrera is the daughter of Cuban immigrants who truly believes in the American dream.

Unlike AOC, she has a more conservative stance when it comes to how a government should be run.

She stated, “I am the daughter and granddaughter of working-class Italian and Cuban immigrants.

“I am so lucky to have had such a wonderful career and I want everybody to have the opportunity that I’ve had.

“That’s why I’m running.”

She is also a big believer in Reaganomics, so she is about as far away from the policies AOC supports as a fellow Democrat can be.

This could be a real test for AOC in the primary because there have been more than a few whispers that AOC’s constituents are not happy with the lack of access to the congresswoman and feel that she is more concerned with creating headlines and her political future than she is in representing them.

The platform of Caruso-Cabrera will also undoubtedly draw support from the right side of the aisle in terms of fundraising simply to get AOC out of Congress.

On the surface, this looks like it will be one hell of a fight for AOC and probably the best chance there is to remove AOC from office.

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