Fight Erupts on Airline Flight Amidst CV-19 Chaos

People are losing their minds!
Airline Fight
Photo via @Squill_whispers Twitter Video Screenshot

One of the biggest dangers of this virus spreading in the lack of concern being shown by some people and the reactions of others to that behavior.


A scene recently played out on an airplane that was kind of a perfect storm of these two behaviors…

Just Stay Home

For some people, travel is unavoidable.

Even so, even if you have a mild cough, simply because of the current crisis, stay home.

There are some old GIFs of how people in Texas react to someone coming into a store to rob it.

The thief pulls out a gun, then the entire store pulls out their weapons… end of robbery.

That GIF has been expanded upon during this crisis to someone coughing in public and getting shot right away.

It was funny about two weeks ago but today, the overreaction by people is very much in that ballpark.

People have to be respectful of others, as they should always be, but particularly now.

Carry tissues or a hanky with you and if you are about to cough or sneeze, just cover your mouth and nose.

If you are feeling ill in any way, stay home, make a doctor’s appointment, and get a test.

We just can’t panic, period, or it will hurt us significantly on the other side of this.

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