Finally A Bank That Adheres to Our Values

Finally A Bank That Adheres to Our Values

Around 90% of mainstream commercial banks donate money toward abortion. Finally, a new bank is emerging that adheres to conservative, Christian values.


Nick Vujicic, an entrepreneur and evangelist, is planning to launch “ProLife Bank,” a financial institution that will be a Christian alternative to mainstream commercial banks, the majority of which donate heavily to Planned Parenthood.

Vujicic, who was born without arms or legs due to a rare genetic condition, sees himself as being in a unique position to comment on issues like abortion, adoption, and foster care. He worked hard to overcome his disability, and achieved success thanks to his strong work ethic.

ProLife Bank’s website contains a short bio for Vujicic, which states:

“Having no limbs and not given the coddling to play the ‘victim card,’ young Nick started vacuuming the floor for an allowance at age 6. He’d buy his own toys and gave money to missionaries. His father Boris pushed him to accelerate in something Nick could do, mathematics. He became a numbers man at a young age, bringing him to the world of financial literacy at age 17.

He started trading options and stocks as a teenager and purchased his first home as an investment at 19 years old. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce with a double major in Financial Planning and Investments & Accounting and graduated at age 21.”

Most Banks Give Heavily to Pro-Abortion Causes

“Most banks — 90%, in fact — give philanthropically toward abortion,” Vujicic told The Christian Post, adding that an unthinkable amount of “God’s money” has been spent funding the murder of unborn children.

The Daily Wire reports: “For instance, Bank of America’s charitable foundation gave over $50,000 to Planned Parenthood affiliates across the United States in 2017. Morgan Stanley, American Express, and other financial institutions match employees’ donations to the organization and give grants to support ‘volunteer’ efforts.”

Why ProLife Bank Is Different

Vujicic has chosen to partner with Executive Director of Network Medical Women’s Center Betsy Gray, who he calls his “spiritual mother,” to found ProLife Bank.

According to Vujicic, the bank will not be for-profit, it will be “for-giving.” ProLife Bank will donate “50% net profits to Judeo-Christian-aligned-nonprofit organizations to further the Kingdom of God,” the entrepreneur explained.

Vujicic revealed some startling information in his interview with the Christian Post, stating that up to half of abortions in the U.S. are carried out by professed Christians. He stated that this realization should push Americans to “rattle the cages of the Church.”

As many areas around the country have begun declaring themselves “sanctuary cities for the unborn,” and banning abortion within their borders, it is time for Christians to stand up and fight for an end to the barbaric practice nationwide. When ProLife Bank opens, Americans should fight back financially against mainstream commercial banks by moving their money into a bank that adheres to our values.

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