Report: Pelosi Tried to Sneak in Abortion Funding to Coronavirus Bill

Nancy Pelosi
Photo Courtesy of Bruce Detorres via Creative Commons License

How many times have I said Democrats are incapable of passing straightforward legislation without poison pills?


Well, it just happened again, as reports are now surfacing that House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and her fellow Democrats tried to attack abortion funding to the coronavirus legislation recently passed in the House.

Circumventing the Hyde Amendment

The Hyde Amendment has been in place since 1977 as a direct response to Roe v. Wade.

The legislation specifically forbids the use of federal funding for the purpose of abortion unless it is a life-saving measure or the pregnancy was the result of rape or incest.

Pro-choice advocates have made this legislation a target during the current election cycle.

Joe Biden, who has always supported this legislation, even got cornered into saying he would abolish it if elected.

According to the initial reports in the Daily Caller, Pelosi and company were trying to exploit a loophole that would have ended up creating a slush fund for abortions.

A White House official told the Daily Caller, “A new mandatory funding stream that does not have Hyde protections would be unprecedented.

“Under the guise of protecting people, Speaker Pelosi is working to make sure taxpayer dollars are spent covering abortion — which is not only backward, but goes against historical norms.”

Another unnamed official stated, “What the Hyde Amendment and abortion have to do with protecting Americans from coronavirus?”

Coronavirus Update

Over the weekend, it was reported that at least one million testing kits have been sent out and there are reportedly millions more going out over the next few weeks.

This will create a significant uptick in reported cases, something that will undoubtedly be used by the media to create panic in this country.

This uptick is expected, and it is very reasonable to assume that within the next two weeks, we will have more than 100,000 cases reported.

This is likely to be from individuals that have mild symptoms or are not exhibiting symptoms that test positive.

To put this into perspective, everyone must realize that during the H1N1 outbreak, more than 60 million Americans tested positive.

Out of all those cases, 12,469 were fatalities.

That happened without travel being closed, without mass cancelations of sporting events, concerts, parades, festivals, schools, restaurants, and bars, all of which are happening now.

Just as with the flu, those most susceptible are the elderly and/or those with underlying health issues, especially respiratory issues.

Please, please, please, remain calm when these numbers climb because this is 100 percent what health experts are expecting.

Continue to self-quarantine and use responsible distancing and hygiene recommendations from the CDC and the coronavirus task force.

  1. Gee Nanc, you just have to keep killin’ those babies don’t ya’. You’re such a good Catholic girl. Bet your Mama would be proud of you. Wonder if she thought of aborting you.

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