OUTRAGEOUS: Dem Governors Greenlight Abortions Amidst Pandemic

Pro-Lifers protest abortions
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OUTRAGEOUS: Dem Governors Greenlight Abortions Amidst Pandemic


Imagine living in a state where going to church is banned. Or imagine a situation where a dentist is prohibited from filling cavities due to a shortage of medical supplies. What if doctors were too busy tending to coronavirus victims to see their own regular patients?

Now, imagine if all that were true, but it was still permitted and possible to get an abortion.

That is exactly the sort of world some Democrat governors want to live in. At a time when the difference between “essential” and “nonessential” is more relevant than ever before to tens of millions of Americans, they somehow believe that abortions are absolutely necessary.

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf

In early March, Pennsylvania’s health secretary recommended that patients and doctors postpone any surgeries that were not critical. This would include all dental and health care services that were non-emergency, routine, or preventative. On March 20, Governor Wolf issued an order shutting down all businesses “that are not life-sustaining”.

Yet Planned Parenthood clinics remain open.

Moreover, they have stopped offering all services except abortions. In 2017, there were 31,260 abortions in Pennsylvania. Governor Wolf has been vocal in his support of the “pro-choice” movement. He has even promised to veto any legislation that would ban abortions after six weeks.

Reaction from Pro-Life Supporters

Tom Brejcha, President of the Thomas More Society, said, “The paradox is just striking, here we’re making an exception for life-sustaining procedures and yet an exception to that is this one medical procedure that’s life-ending.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, President of the Susan B. Anthony List was more direct in her condemnation. “It is unconscionable that Governor Wolf has allowed elective abortions to proceed during this crisis when all resources are needed for essential medical procedures,” she said.

A letter from the Pennsylvania Family Institute read, in part, “Abortion is an elective procedure that should not be permitted at the peak of the coronavirus crisis.”

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam

On March 23, Governor Northam issued an executive order that made it a criminal offense to attend or hold religious services with more than 10 people. Anyone violating this order can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor. A conviction carries a maximum jail time of 12 months and a maximum fine of $2500.

On March 25, the Governor directed all healthcare providers and hospitals to stop performing elective procedures or surgeries. This was to preserve medical resources that might be needed during the coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Governor’s order specifically excluded “family planning services”, including abortions. This allows Planned Parenthood to continue to operate.

Governor Northam has come under fire in the past for his support for late-term, third trimester abortions. He even talked about how born-alive abortions were legal under his plan. Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro tweeted in response, “This is pure evil.”

In 2017. There were 17,210 abortions performed in the state of Virginia.

Dems Using the Coronavirus Crisis to Push Abortions

But this isn’t a case of simply allowing legal abortions to continue. This appears to be a strategic move to normalize abortions by calling them “essential”. But there is a growing backlash. As March for Life President Jeanne Mancini said recently:

Killing unborn children isn’t health care and certainly doesn’t provide necessary medical help or assistance for coronavirus. At a time when medical staff and resources are spread thin, it is very disappointing to see politicians use this vulnerable moment in our country’s history to play politics and advocate for abortion.”

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