Former AG Jeff Sessions Slams Bolton for Book Leaks

Still loyal to Trump…
Jeff Sessions
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Trump may still be giving former Attorney General Jeff Sessions the cold shoulder, but that is not stopping Sessions from defending Trump.


On Tuesday, Sessions tore into Bolton for violating the sanctity of these confidential relationships as well as blasting the Dems for the impeachment.

Still Standing by Trump

Sessions recently announced that he was going to make a run to regain the Senate seat he gave up when he took on the role of Attorney General.

Ever since he made the announcement, he has been trying to mend fences with Trump, even though Trump continues to ignore his efforts.

Trump is still extremely upset Sessions recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation.

Even so, while Trump is still not on speaking terms with Sessions, he did say that he would do nothing to rail against Sessions during his run… not exactly an endorsement, but it is a start.

It’s Just Wrong

Considering how Sessions left office, most expected him to write a tell-all book slamming Trump after he left office, but it never happened.

Now we know why.

Sessions is apparently one of the few former Trump staffers with integrity.

When he was asked about the Bolton book, he stated, “I also think that John Bolton ought not to be writing a book before the ink is dry on his termination as National Security Adviser, and leaking it out to the press.

“National Security Adviser is almost like his White House counsel, like his Attorney General, like his Secretary of Defense, where you have confidential relationships, and you share things with them. And you shouldn’t be blabbing it out there.

“You have to protect the president’s ability to talk to his staff in a way that is honorable. I feel strongly about that. I don’t think they should be writing these books as soon as they get out of the White House. I just don’t.”

Sessions was also highly critical of the impeachment, stating, “It does appear that the Democrats are moving an agenda designed not to do an objective impeachment inquiry, but to actually advance a political agenda to hurt the president, to hurt his chances to be reelected, to impeach him if they can. But if not, to hurt him politically.

“I believe that Dershowitz’s argument that these charges are not the kind of thing you should impeach a president for, even if they are true – that’s what I believed all along. You mean the president can’t push back or negotiate with a country on various issues if you think he might not should have, it’s still not impeachable.

“Presidents do things all the time that we disagree with that are not impeachable, and they have a chance to conduct oversight, and bring it out and complain about it. I feel strongly about that.”

Sessions was a strong surrogate for Trump and even though he was an epic failure as the AG, his efforts during that election campaign have to account for something.

Trump may not like it at all, but he would be well-advised to mend this fence so Sessions can again help him lock down the south in 2020.

  1. some time the president talks tooo much and then there are times when he should speak up and does not. In the case of Jeff Sessions, you have a man of very high integrity, who did what he thought was right and althought Trump thought otherwise and acted on his opinion, that is no cause to continue a “mad” that really benefits no one…….Men of integrity are few and far between and they should be held close

  2. Bolton never met a conflict that he did not was to escalate into a war. Bolton violated the confidence of President Trump. That is understandable by all sound-minded American citizens.

    Sessions should re-win the Senate seat in ‘Bama. I am still so thrilled my alma mater LSU finally beat the Tide and won it all this past season with an unblemished record. Geaux Tigahs!

  3. Bolton being fired from his job or being asked to resign & writing a book is his revenge to Trump for his roll in the firing or asking him to resign. Whether Bolton is telling the truth or not but in the past he has said he would lie to get his way. Some people go to their once work place & kill the person that fired them & fellow employees too for revenge, others like Bolton take out their anger in lying on their once boss who fired them by writing books to defame their once employer. Same applies to voting to hire an want to be hired for POTUS & losing & then trying to get the winner fired ie: Donald Trump by hook or crooked means by Democrat Commies ie: Pelosi, Schiff & Nadler & more.

  4. It is difficult to find a leader who won’t constantly be pushed around by other world leaders because of the threat of war but who has the political skill to avoid actually being painted into a corner where war is the only choice. In spite of what many (including me) thought, President Trump has thus far been firm in his resolve to stand up for US interests while staying out of military conflicts when we seem on almost a sure course to war. It is clear that the President understands the limits of wielding power. I, for one, didn’t understand the depth of his thinking and bought into what seems, at times, like a crude public image. It turns out the president is much more shrewd than crude. He sometimes uses tactics that seem outlandish to envoke an emotional response from his opponent that yields more information than his opponent intended to reveal. He causes his opponent to overreact and show his (or her) true intentions in almost Columbo-like fashion. He has clearly mastered the “art” of making a deal… often through misdirection but he almost always gets the job done!

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