Former Obama Official Proposes Radical Changes to Supreme Court

This is insane…
Supreme Court
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With a second term almost imminent for Donald Trump and at least one Supreme Court seat probably being vacated during that term, you just knew Democrats were going to go on the attack about SCOTUS appointments again.

Of all people, Eric Holder, President Barack Hussein Obama’s former corrupt Attorney General, is now leading the charge, looking to limit both terms and how many justices any one president can pick.

Taking Back the Supreme Court

Democrats have been openly frustrated with their inability to take back the Supreme Court.

When Justice Scalia died, they thought they had an opening to replace a conservative justice with a liberal one, but Senator McConnell (R-KY) put Obama’s pick on hold to wait until the 2016 election had concluded.

With only liberal justices expected to retire in the near future, the Democrat party is in panic mode hoping to redo the system to ensure they can get control at some point in the near future.

Obama’s wingman, Eric Holder, recently announced his own plan to reshape the court to make it “fair” again.

Holder wants all Supreme Court justices limited to an 18-year term.

He stated, “I don’t think someone should have that much power in an unelected position for that long. … I think that three senatorial terms, 18 years, would be enough for a justice.”

The former AG also said no president should get to appoint any more than two justices during his or her term.

He stated, “Each president gets two picks which will decrease the political pressure in confirmation. Can be done by statute.

“Ask each candidate their position — including Trump. Reform is necessary.”

This is not the first time Holder has offered a way for a liberal lean to take over the court, either.

Holder has advocated for expanding the court.

He previously stated, “Given the Merrick Garland situation, the question of legitimacy is one that I think we should talk about.

“We should be talking even about expanding the number of people who serve on the Supreme Court, if there is a Democratic president and a Congress that would do that.”

This is the new Democrat party, patriots.

When they don’t win, they try to change the rules so they can flip a situation they do not like in their favor.

They just keep forgetting about that piece of paper called the Constitution, though, which is exactly why their party is falling apart at their very feet.

Parties have tried to manipulate the court before, and it has always failed.

Personally, I think the mix of the current court is ideal right now and even if Trump appoints another justice, the people he has nominated have proven they have no problem crossing the aisle in the name of justice.

While I don’t always agree with their decisions, I think overall, this court has been very fair, and that is really all we can ask.

  1. sounds like another fix for the Democrat to control . it’s time to take away more power from the house , not give it more . they can’t handle the power they have now . just look what they cry about now … you think they will get better with more power ? better think about that come November . vote Republican to save our freedom . trump 2020… make the liberals cry again

  2. High time Holder and his cohorts depart the public scene. He and his “team” did enough damage to our country that will take decades, if ever, to correct..

  3. Its funny how democrats always want to change laws just to protect their corrupt politicians the voters elect the party and the president to power now because its not going their way they want to change the constitution on every issue they don’t agree with it was all ok when they had control and rammed their agenda down every American citizens throats regardless of how they felt the reason Trump got in so the American citizens could take back their country if citizens didn’t agree with whats happening they would show it at the voting box after all it was the democrat party who started stacking courts with partisan judges instead of judges that would up hold the law as it is written not how they personally think it should be

  4. This article is inaccurate in it’s statements about the Supreme Court in the US Constitution.
    The USConstitution does not enumerate the number of justices. If you knew your history, you’d know FDR, the original great socialist, was paid a visit by the chief justice, during the period of the original New Deal.
    The Chief Justice told FDR the changes to America included in the The Deal were socialist, and unconstitutional.
    FDR told him if he wouldn’t allow those changes, FDR would pack the Supreme Court with enough liberal justices to ensure the decisions went his way, since there is no specific number of justices for that court.
    Seems like a telling interaction between the heads of 2 of the branches of government. The Chief Justice cowed to the Great Socialist, and the rest, as they say, is history.
    What would Bernie Sanders do, were he to be elected president in 2020?

  5. No one in the Democrat Party thought the Supreme Court needed any updating as long as the split was four liberals, four conservative and one swing vote. Now that the score is five conservatives and four liberals (two of which are older than dirt) and there is a possibility that President Trump may have an opportunity to increase the edge to seven conservatives and two liberals, Democrats see an immediate need to change the rules of the game. Eric Holder (the only AG in history to be held in contempt of Congress) thinks it’s time for a change. He thinks justices should be term limited to 18 years, although he apparently never saw anything wrong with RBG serving 27 years and counting. He thinks a given president should be allowed a certain number of appointments and no more, but I’m pretty certain if the president was a Democrat more would be OK. Typical actions for Democrats-cheat like hell to win the elections so you can call the shots, but if you lose-change the rules to limit what the opponent can do.

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