He Breaks Into a Rental Property…Instantly Receives Heavy Dose of KARMA


In Milwaukee (because of course… Wisconsin), a drunken man staggered into a rental property after breaking in the lock and promptly passed out in an inebriated stupor. There was just one small hitch to his illegal, clearly unplanned nappy time. The house he had broken into and was currently serenading with his snores, was the AirBnB where several out of town Sheriffs Deputies were staying. The officers also recorded the whole encounter on TikTok for added humor.

“About 2:30 in the morning, I heard some crashing around upstairs, but I thought it was this guy going to the bathroom. It wasn’t me,” the deputies said on TikTok.

The Deputies from Montana were in town on an emergency vehicle training and probably didn’t think their trip would be this interesting.

“Matt finds this dude laying in a bed in our house. Dude broke into the house in the middle of the night. This silly guy found the one Airbnb in all of downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, loaded with cops. He woke up in handcuffs,” the deputies said on TikTok.


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The Young Man Was Actually Lucky To Pick That Property

According to WISN12, Deputy Charles Pesola said the poor man was actually extremely lucky to have stumbled into the officer’s rental.

“What if that dude stumbled into a bed with a kid, or my wife. I mean, it could have been a different morning, right? So wrong place, wrong time, lucky place, lucky time, that there’s dudes that actually know how to handle that,” Pesola said.

Hillary Minz of WISN12 asked Pesola if the man knew where he was. “He had no idea where he was. He had no idea where he thought he was, and he didn’t know where he came from,” a deputy told Mintz.

“No this is a first for that, I’ve woken up in random places,” the intruder said on the TikTok video.

The young man was neither cited nor charged, in fact the officers made light of the whole situation telling their TicTok fans “Crime doesn’t stop and Milwaukee needs our help. We got you Milwaukee,”

Deputy Matt Vander Ark said. “He made a mistake. It’s OK. We’re gonna get over it, and at the end of the day, we can smile about it,”

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