Fox News in Full on Panic…Threatens Guests

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Conservatives are ditching Fox News in massive numbers. The network should have seen this coming as they attempted to turn its viewers against President Trump. Now the network is desperate to remain relevant, pressuring guests to boycott their new competitors. How pathetic.

Fox News is failing fast

Fox News ratings are tanking after their disastrous election coverage. Many Conservatives were growing wary of Fox and November 3rd was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

The network has been leaning further and further Left for the past few years and this month they decided to ditch Trump for good.

The network called several swing states for Biden early on in the counting. Several reporters have called Trump’s allegations of voter fraud bogus. Host Neil Cavuto cut away from a White House press conference as Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany began discussing the Democrat’s plot to steal the election.

Fox News has some new competition now. Many Conservatives are turning to NewsMax and One America News Network for their “fair and balanced” news. One of Fox’s biggest critics is President Trump himself.

Trump has been blasting Fox over their biased election coverage and he’s encouraging his 89 million Twitter followers to head over to NewsMax and OANN. Fox News is starting to worry. Inside sources report that Fox News is contacting some of their big name guests and asking them not to appear on competitor’s networks.

The death of mainstream media

Meanwhile, Newsmax has seen massive growth in the past few weeks alone. The network has been around for a decade or so, but many viewers only found out about them on election night when Trump praised them on his twitter feed.

Newsmax evening host Greg Kelly has seen his ratings grow from 80,000 viewers a day to 800,000. That number is expected to grow as more and more Conservatives turn their back on Fox News.

It’s becoming clear that Fox is owned and run by Lefties. They milked the MAGA train for all it was worth and now they’re turning their back on us. Fox News is still a ratings giant and many of their top anchors will still continue dominate the nightly news. But it’s clear that alternative media is on the rise.

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