Fox News Just Fired Another Conservative, as They Slide Further Left

Fox News
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Is Fox making a massive lunge to the left or just offering up a sacrificial lamb to liberals?


That is a question all Fox News fans are asking after hearing about the termination of Trish Regan.

Parting Ways

The “firing” or Trish Regan has been handled with nothing but class by Trish Regan.

From the moment she was removed from the air, she has taken the high road.

That, however, has not stopped conservatives from wondering what the hell is going on at this network.

This is a valid concern considering how lenient Fox News anchors and co-hosts have been with Democrats on their shows lately.

When Sean Hannity had Mayor de Blasio on his show, he practically gushed his way through the interview, failing to hit de Blasio with any truly hard questions or lies he has told.

The Mayor repeatedly dodged questions with sarcastic answers and Hannity repeatedly let him off the hook.

Bret Baier has done this twice now, with both Comey and Rep. Ocasio-Cortez.

I have the utmost respect for Baier and consider him to be the best in the business right now, which is why it was so disappointing to see him be so lenient during these interviews. 

It is almost as though the network has an order out not to piss off Democrats in any way, shape, or form when they make an appearance on any arm of the network.

Did She Do Anything Wrong?

I have listened to Regan’s statement that caused this uproar and I heard nothing that resembles the headlines accusing her of calling the coronavirus a hoax or downplaying its seriousness…

To me, she was exposing the fact the Democrats have been trying to weaponize this against Trump from the very beginning.

I never heard her call it a hoax and while she did compare the coronavirus number to flu numbers at the time, it was not like she told people to simply disregard the seriousness of the virus.

The left, however, perceived her segment as a hoax, therefore, it was a hoax in the eyes of the front office of Fox.

When you consider what other hosts have said on other networks about Trump, this pales in comparison.

Be warned, conservatives, we may soon not have a single news outlet that is willing to tell the actual truth.

  1. Fox News you can push me just so much. I have my subscription to Blaze TV and The Western Journal. You may not care what news I watch. I care what I watch. Every day “Fair and Balanced” seems to go the way of CNN and MSNBC.

  2. I blame allot of these firings of conservatives on the owner of fox news. From what i have heard he took over Fox news from his father when he retired and i have heard his son is a liberal that seems to be turning fox news into another CNN. I use to watch fox news every night but not anymore. you can clearly see they are becoming another liberal network. I’m sure they will try to fire Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity in the near future

  3. Trish Regan obviously should not have been fired. However, Fox News has been leaning more and more left in the past several years, evident by hiring Paul Ryan, Donna Brazile and others. We used to watch a few programs on Fox News everyday, however, now we only watch Tucker Carlson on a daily basis and sometimes Hannity, Judge Jeanine, or Gutfeld. OAN and Newsmax are our first choices for news now. They expose the lies the demonrats tell daily.

  4. What in the world is happening at Fox News?? The murdocks are really on their way to be one of the alphabet stations for dem/lib news. 🤮🤬🤮🤬

  5. I now compare Fox News political information with NewsmaxTV to see if their are significantly similar. If so, the information 90% real. I’m skeptical.

  6. Trish Regan is a terrific reporter and should be reinstated.
    What is Fox news afraid of? She should be reinstated. EVeryone is
    entitled to a second chance. But I don’t think she should have been
    fired in the first place, she should have a chance to explain what she meant.

  7. Donna Brazile should not be on FOx News or any
    news organization after she cheated for Hilary
    in the last debates. How can she be trusted?

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