Chelsea Clinton Attempts to Lecture Trump on Chinese Virus, Gets Destroyed by Trump Supporters and FACTS

Chelsea Clinton
Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Just as the coronavirus was starting to take hold in this country, Chelsea Clinton went on the attack.

After penning an op-ed on CNN, she was immediately crushed by Trump supporters and as this has all played out, the facts have destroyed her original narrative.

The Attack

In her op-ed, Clinton claimed that under Trump, this country was “dangerously unprepared” to deal with a public health crisis.

Trump supporters, of course, were quick to defend, with this being pretty typical of what we saw…

Among her claims was that the elimination of a Global Health Czar being eliminated, a position created by the Obama administration, put everyone at risk.

That, however, was more or less debunked by Dr. Fauci who said he liked working with them, but he would not confirm this created any real problems.

Additionally, it was later revealed that the duties of that individual were reassigned.

As This Has Played Out

Now that we are almost two full months after the declaration by the W.H.O. of a global health emergency, let’s look at how all this has panned out.

During the 2009-10 H1N1 virus outbreak, even though the epidemic first started in Mexico and the first case was traced directly back to a visiting Mexican national, Obama never closed the borders.

The day after the W.H.O. made its declaration, the Trump administration shut down travel from China, then proceeded to lock out virtually every country having outbreaks, a move that is widely credited with the initial slowing of the pandemic in our country.

In 2009-10, the Obama administration used 100 million of the N95 masks in our national stockpile but failed to replace them.

With only roughly 12 million masks remaining, we are now running out of masks for our health care professionals.

During the H1N1 outbreak, there was no national shutdown, which likely led to the virus continuing to spread uncontrollably around the country.

Today, more than a dozen states have locked down and the President issued a 15 Days to Slow the Spread campaign that is likely saving thousands of lives.

Additionally, while not invoking the activated powers of the Defense Production Act, dozens of companies have volunteered to step up and refit their factories to make the equipment needed.

So, Chelsea, any unpreparedness that was in this country was actually a result of the Obama administration, NOT the Trump administration.

Furthermore, that health Czar that was in place failed to realize how unprepared the previous response system was. There is also the fact one recommendation that was made, to replenish our national stockpiles, was ignored, so exactly what was the purpose of that Czar in the first place? 

The Trump administration, however, has revamped the system that failed Barack Obama in 2009 and replaced it with a much better system in case we have another pandemic in the future.

Don’t worry, though, I am sure Trump is not expecting an apology anytime soon.


  1. I haven’t seen a Clinton yet who didn’t talk and talk just to hear their jaws click. Too bad, Chelsea, you have accepted your parent’s flawed politics just because they are your parents. That’s why we have so many brain-dead democRats now– they were not intelligent enough to break away from disastrous politics- their parents voted democRat, so they must as well…

    • The ugly seed did not fall very far from the trunk, her ignorance is astounding, but for the most part, like her parents, for money, she has sold America out and like her parents, she is a thief.

  2. Shut up already Chelsea, it’s like you don’t know there’s been a changing of the guard. You are thru scamming us. You’re not innocent either and you know what I’m talking about. My sympathy has left the building.

  3. The Clinton legacy
    A sexualpredator
    The most corrupt politician ever to serve in American history and responsibel for suicides committed while waiting to testify against her
    And a daughter who is so stupid its embarrassing

  4. Yeah, right, Chelsea! Like ANYONE cares to here your lies or what you think.
    Anyway… everyone else…
    If you can afford it, exercise your Constitutional rights and buy a gun today.


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