GOP Member’s Home Attacked By Communist Supporters

The home of Republican candidate Sean Parnell was viciously attacked by communist sympathizers Saturday night. The lawless vandals spray painted Black Lives Matter slogans and a Soviet style hammer and sickle across his garage door in blood red letters.


Not safe in your own home

One Republican candidate for congress in Pennsylvania learned the hard way Halloween night that Americans aren’t safe, even in their own home. Lawless communistic antifa-idolizing Black Lives Matter barbarians tagged the candidate’s castle with the words “Elections no, Revolution yes.”

Parnell didn’t waste much time getting to his twitter account. He posted a photo of the damage with the cover “My house was vandalized last night by cowards under the cover of darkness. This is what is at stake in this election. We all must fight for our country and we must do it NOW.” Patriots won’t cower at home.

If the anarchists want to battle in the streets over the meaning of the constitution, then hard-core conservatives from coast-to-coast are ready to boogie on down. The phrase “boogaloo” has been around for decades but lately has taken on a new meaning.

Questions about the right time to “bring out our guns” is a popular catch phrase in right-wing chat rooms. The Commander in Chief made it crystal clear that the order is “stand back and stand by.” Second Amendment supporting patriots will be home in their living rooms on Tuesday, watching the election results come in and loading more magazines.

A rock-solid conservative

George Soros and his evil minions can’t stand the idea of a “rock-solid conservative” representing Pennsylvania’s 17th congressional district. They’re so annoyed that they vandalized his home.

That won’t stop a patriot like Parnell. He refuses to be bullied. “I will not cower. I will not back down. I will always fight for this nation.” Millions of deplorables are right behind him, begging for a chance to settle these issues once and for all.

Between the progressively liberal officials who handcuff their own police departments, and the left-leaning activist groups that sue the conservative police departments out of existence, the average American is terrified to leave their home at night.

They don’t know if their place of business will still be there in the morning. Too many people this summer woke up to a smoking pile of rubble or stores full of empty shelves and piles of broken glass to clean up. Meanwhile, law enforcement is nowhere to be found. Liberal Democrats want it that way. If Joe Biden and Kamala Harris steal the election, the American way of life will be a thing of the past.

All of the conservative outlets are urging their readers, “be careful out there.” It’s time to “look out for your family and for each other. We’ve gotta have each other’s six going into Election Day.” Stand back, stand by, and stay tuned. Remember, this is “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

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