Governor Shuts Down Travel Between States

The state is on lockdown.
Florida Checkpoints
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Florida has quickly become a hot spot, and Governor DeSantis is attempting to make sure it suddenly does not rival New York City.

In an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Florida from other states considered to be hot spots, DeSantis is establishing checkpoints and has a mandatory self-quarantine order in place.

Shutting Down the State

It was only Friday when President Trump stated that he was considering quarantining certain states to prevent anyone from coming in or out to slow the spread to other areas.

That idea immediately came under fire, so the CDC decided the best move would be to issue a travel advisory for these states.

Florida’s governor, however, is taking it a step further.

On Friday, Gov. DeSantis issued the following executive order:

“Executive Order 20-86, directing all persons who enter the State of Florida from an area with substantial community spread, to include the State of Louisiana, inclusive of those entering the State of Florida by roadways, to isolate or quarantine for a period of 14 days from the time of entry into the State of Florida or the duration of the person’s presence in the State of Florida, whichever is shorter.”

To enforce the order, the governor has set up checkpoints at entry points throughout the state.

IDs are being checked and any out of state traveler is being told they must self-quarantine for 14 days or risk 60 days in jail.

There are also officers monitoring airport traffic to ensure anyone coming from a hot spot is reporting.

Florida the New Hot Spot

Florida was one of those states that had barely been impacted… then came spring break.

For some reason, the beaches stayed open the kids came to town, not caring a bit about coronavirus.

Eventually, local bars were shut down and the kids went home, but the damage had already been done.

Suddenly reports were surfacing that spring breakers were testing positive.

While most of them will probably recover without complications, the same cannot be said for the elderly population that has retired throughout Florida.

Today, Florida has 5,473 confirmed cases, a 10 percent increase in just one day, with 63 confirmed deaths.

It still pales in comparison to New Jersey (13,386) and New York (60, 679) but with that large elderly population, it could change rather quickly, especially considering the recent surge over the last few days.

  1. So the Florida governor is making visitors stay for 14 days and not letting Floridians leave. What if a Floridian had an emergency in his home state and had to go care for ill parents, etc.? The governor is doing this all because he failed to control the beaches during spring break. Now he is punishing visitors and Floridians citizens for the actions of college students that he allowed. This is wrong, period. Rest assured governor, I will not now, or ever enter the state of Florida ( not that you care). Will DeSantis be a one term governor?

  2. I believe this is ill-advised by Gov. DeSantis,….in other words,…IT’S NUTS! This is the kind of thing that has no scientific-evidence to support it. It’s likely that it will be revealed in the future that the whole ‘Social-Distancing-Mantra’ that many believe ‘keeps them safe’, has been a ‘cock-and-bull’ approach to ‘slowing the spread’ of the corona virus. There is NOTHING in the science of immunology that supports ‘Social-Distancing’ of healthy people! So why do so many Government-officials rely on it, rather than REAL MEDICAL SCIENCE?
    ‘Show-me-the-money’,… $$federal-funds$$ are the answer.
    The trade-off for following CDC guidelines, and CRUSHING BUSINESSES,… is the lure of federal-dollars.
    It certainly ISN’T slowing the spread of CV,… any more than ‘Going-Green’ is slowing ‘Man-Made-(Up)-Climate-Change.
    We are living in such an ‘era-of-ignorance’, and foolishness, in the midst of an explosion of technical-information,… it’s breathtaking what passes for ‘wisdom’ today.
    It’s just ‘mythhology’,… the course that many government-officials are following today, that they wouldn’t dream of following for a MORE DEADLY CONTAGION—the seasonal ‘influenza’ virus!
    What IDIOTS we have become, as a result of unfounded FEAR AND HYSTERIA!

  3. Face 60 days in jail??? Ha Ha now thats funny because liberals all over the country are letting felons out to slow the spread of the virus!! Imagine that druggies and violent offenders walking out while non quaritiners are being forced in? Only in America!!

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