Grammy Winning Rapper Indicted For Racketeering


Grammy award holding rapper Young Thug has a new record. His name is on the credits list of “a sweeping 56-count gang indictment.” CNN took a peek at it.

Rapper and racketeer

It seems that along with his professional career as a gangster rapper, Young Thug was a real life gangster, too. Under his alias Jeffery Lamar Williams, the performer was dragged away from his home in Atlanta on Monday, May 9.

His rap sheet says he was charged with “conspiracy to violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act and participation in criminal street gang activity.

The rapper will be appearing for an extended engagement at the Fulton County jail. According to the indictment, his entire entourage is joining him. He was charged along with “27 associates of the enterprise Young Slime Life.

They allegedly “conspired to associate together and with others for the common purposes of illegally obtaining money and property through a pattern of racketeering activity and conducting and participating in the enterprise through a pattern of racketeering activity.” That’s not real good for your career.

Fellow rapper Gunna, aka Sergio Kitchens, was also charged with RICO violations but he’s still slipping under police radar. “As of Tuesday morning, Kitchens was not in police custody, police said.

Williams and two more of the named defendants “founded the gang YSL in late 2012 and claimed to have affiliations with the national Bloods gang.

Keep the community safe

YSL, it seems, gets fat stacks in the murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and armed robbery business. The rapper and his crew are charged with crimes dating all the way back to 2013.

Fulton County is glad that they’re sitting behind bars for a while.

District Attorney Fani Willis held a press conference to announce the arrest of the rapper and his posse. She’s thrilled to announce the “removal of these 28 defendants off the street” because it will “help keep the community safe.

She doesn’t care if you’re famous or just a thug. Gold records don’t buy special favors.

It does not matter what your notoriety is, what your fame is. If you come to Fulton County, Georgia and you commit crimes and certainly if those crimes are in furtherance of a street gang then you are going to become a target and a focus of this district attorney’s office,” Willis warns.

The rapper lawyered up. Attorney Brian Steel is highly offended. The “response to any allegation is Mr. Williams committed no crime whatsoever and we will fight to my last drop of blood to clear him.

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