Grey Wolf Walk Flips Bird at Global Elite


Patriot Ron Coleman is using his Grey Wolf Walk for Freedom effort to flip a big bird at the global elite, who really do seem to own the whole bleeping planet. The only weapon which the evil forces of darkness can’t defend against is the Truth. The World Economic Forum can’t fight the truth directly but they can make sure it stays defunded and safely covered in silence. By squashing all mention of their efforts, Klaus Schwab and his cronies hope Ron’s patriotic efforts will die of starvation, like most of the unwanted world population is about to.

Grey Wolf against the world

What do you give the European banking families who literally already own everything? There is only one thing you have left that they want, your soul. That’s exactly what Ron “Grey Wolf” Coleman and his followers are fighting for. The “soul” of America. Specifically, “freedom and liberty.

What Coleman is carrying in his Pony Express bags are messages in support of “Truth, Justice, and the American Way.” That’s something even Superman isn’t allowed to stand up for anymore.

Coleman and his supporters need two things from you, your visible and vocal support on social media and in face-to-face conversations. They also need cash money to keep the movement moving. Gasoline is expensive thanks to WEF policy.

In case there is any doubt in your mind that we’re playing for all the marbles here, all you need to do is read a recent article in Newsweek. To save you the trouble, here is a rundown of exactly what Grey Wolf is walking across America to resist. To join the effort, spread the word far and wide and make those donations!

Traditional Marxists were out to “level” the playing field so that everyone had the same as everyone else. That’s not good enough for Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum. Modern totalitarians want it all for themselves.

In 2016, at their yearly gathering in Davos, Switzerland, they made eight predictions they expect to come true by 2030. They’re all on the agenda. Prediction number one is literally “You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy.” Grey Wolf needs some of your money now, before the WEF turns it into toilet paper. Doing nothing is the same as approval of the evil globalist scheme.

No money, no problems

Global elites want everyone reliant on them for everything, which means money itself is a thing of the past. Along with the cash currency, the entire concept of “ownership” goes right out the window.

As Newsweek spells out, “Indeed, this isn’t merely their ‘prediction‘—it’s their explicit plan. And don’t be fooled. They won’t be satiated by seizing all your material property. They want to own you. To do this, they will infiltrate, corrupt, and control every component of our humanity.” If you don’t like that idea, stand up and walk along with Grey Wolf.

As Newsweek notes, “Enter the COVID-19 pandemic. Since, according to the Left, no good crisis should go to waste, the WEF openly asserted in 2020 that ‘the COVID-19 crisis‘ was an inimitable moment that needed to be exploited to ‘improve the state of the world.” Grey Wolf is requesting the COVID19 state of emergency be lifted.

Conservative Americans haven’t seen much in the way of “improvement.” What we see is rampant inflation, skyrocketing energy costs and incompetent leadership.

Upon closer examination, Newsweek observes, “what can be deciphered from the framework is that the WEF intends to will into existence its 2016 aim and render as many people as possible penniless serfs.” They use an old three-card monte gambit to pull it off. “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and Economic, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), and the Green New Deal.

If you have something to say on those subjects, write em down and send them to Grey Wolf for his Pony Express bag to Washington. “Possessing assets gives you a tangible stake in life. It causes you to look beyond the present moment and think about the future, especially if you have a family and care about its flourishing.

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