Hate Crime Goes Unchecked in Seattle, Brutal Footage of What Was Done to This 22yr Old Caucasian


In Seattle, WA a 22-year-old freelance photographer was savagely beaten unconscious in a brutal robbery according to a surveillance video released by Jason Rantz of KTTH Radio, as crime rates in the Pacific Northwest continue to spike under defunded police and Democrat-Socialist governments. Seattle has been reportedly experiencing a massive surge in crime, not only due to defunded police but also to prosecutors who refuse to prosecute criminals, as well as mayors and city councils too busy virtue signaling to govern.

A Brutal, Brazen Daylight Attack

According to 770 KTTH, the victim of the beating goes by the online name Caliber Visuals

“Caliber was walking near the parking lot by Cash America on Rainier Avenue South around 6:15 p.m. on July 31 when a man in an orange shirt approaches him. The suspect says something to Caliber, holding out his hand for a handshake. But the suspect doesn’t let go of Caliber’s hand.

As Caliber tries to break free, the suspect grabs him by the neck and pulls him to the ground hard. Moments later, the suspect kicks Caliber in the head. As he struggles to defend himself, the suspect stomps on Caliber’s head, striking him directly in the face twice.”

A statement from Seattle PD read in part, “A bystander came to the victim’s aid and called 911. Medics transported him to Harborview Medical Center, where he received treatment for head trauma and significant injuries to his face.”

Police have described the suspect as a Black male, 5’10”, 180 lbs., with a medium build, wearing an orange and yellow t-shirt and black pants with a white stripe down the side at the time of the attack. If you have any information about this crime, please call SPD’s Robbery Unit at 206-684-5535.

The New York Post reported that Caliber who turns 23 next month, was visiting Seattle was robbed of his iPhone12 approximately $900 in cash, his friend’s car keys, and his wallet with ID, credit, and debit cards. He has been recovering in a local hospital and has received multiple MRI’s and was still “spitting up blood” following the brutal attack.

Caliber told the Post, “I turn 23 at the end of this month and wasn’t expecting any of this to come about, I’ve had some great support from close friends and family which I’m highly thankful for but at this point, I really just want to look forward to enjoying my birthday.” 

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