He’s Facing Deportation…Libs Refuse to Face Facts


Liberals aren’t happy to learn that the hammer wielding attacker who nailed Paul Pelosi in the head is actually an illegal alien from Canada. One who has been hiding in their midst since 2008. David DePape wanted to kneecap Nancy but settled for breaking her husband’s skull, as local police watched from the doorway.

Pelosi attacker faces deportation

The assailant who sent Paul Pelosi to the hospital with serious injuries wasn’t supposed to be here in the first place. Of course, progressives don’t want to face that fact.

After the court system gets done with David DePape, the 42-year-old maniac will probably be deported to his homeland of Canada.

The Canadian took the long way around getting to America. It was a lot easier to simply walk across the border from Mexico in 2008. Canadian citizens “are permitted to enter the U.S. for pleasure without a visa.

They’re supposed to go home after “roughly six months.” DePape has been here illegally for “roughly 14 years.” He wouldn’t have attracted any attention if he hadn’t attacked the husband of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi with an assault hammer.

The Department of Homeland Security can’t call the reports “disinformation” so Alejandro Mayorkas has to do something about it. They issued a statement admitting they are “aware of DePape’s immigration status” and “issued a detainer on him.

What that means is after David DePape faces trial for assaulting Paul Pelosi, Immigration and Customs Enforcement will get a call to pick him up for deportation processing.

Pleading not guilty

David DePape entered a plea of “not guilty” despite being dragged off Paul Pelosi, in the victim’s home, after whacking him at least once in the head with a hammer. The same police who took him into custody also witnessed the brutal assault in progress.

Even though Nancy’s security team followed her to Washington, the capitol police kept a live feed from the home’s security cameras. It appears that nobody was monitoring them when the attacker kicked in the back door.

DePape “brought zip-ties into the home and attempted to restrain Paul Pelosi” after breaking in to the multi-million-dollar San Francisco mansion. According to investigators, “DePape had planned to break Pelosi’s ‘kneecaps‘ had she been home.” Officials are sketchy about the details. Someone else was there to answer the door for cops that night, but not call the police or stop the fight.

Somehow, Paul managed to get to his cell phone, allegedly “charging” in the bathroom. The 911 call is cryptic and the attacker was referred to as his “friend” not “some nutcase.” Nobody wants to talk about that.

The only solid facts that have made it out to the public are that “Officers arrived to find the two men struggling over a hammer.” They told them to stop and drop the hammer. Pelosi complied but the illegal alien maniac didn’t, “at which point DePape struck Paul on the head at least once, fracturing his skull.

The 82-year-old victim was “sent to the hospital for surgery and is expected to make a full recovery.” Maybe we’ll learn the whole story before DePape gets deported. This will be an interesting trial to watch, that’s for certain.

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