High Ranking German Official Found Dead

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A top German official was found dead this weekend, but not from the coronavirus.

Thomas Schäfer, the finance minister of the German state of Hesse, was found dead on a local high-speed train track.

Mysterious Death

Schäfer, who was only 54 years old, had been making regular public appearances.

That being the case, everyone was shocked to find his body in this manner.

During one of his most recent appearances, he was discussing public financial assistance programs put in place due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Then, on Saturday, a body was discovered on the high-speed line in Hochheim.

This is a small town between Frankfurt and Mainz.

When the body was first discovered by paramedics, they were unable to identify it due to the extensive nature of the injuries suffered.

Eventually, it was confirmed that the remains were Schäfer.

Police later concluded that his death was more than likely a suicide, which baffled everyone.

As mentioned above, he had been making public appearances and family and friends gave no inclination that he was struggling in any way mentally.

Volker Bouffier, the State Premier of Hess, stated that he received the news with both “sadness and disbelief.”

Bouffier added, “We are all shocked and can hardly believe” he died “suddenly and unexpectedly.

“Our sincere condolences go to his closest relatives.”

  1. WOW so a train runs over someone in Germany and the Engineer of the train doesn’t report it to anyone. Amazing. Look for the train with guts splattered on the front.

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