Watch as Biden Admin Peddle The Biggest LIE of the Century


In her press briefing on July 12th, while touting Joe Biden’s upcoming speech on “voting rights” Jen Psaki ratcheted the Democrat-Socialist’s false narrative, the biggest LIE of the century about election integrity efforts underway in several states up to metaphorical eleven with a comparison to something many conservatives feel the Biden-Harris regime is making more inevitable each day: Civil War.


Psaki told the gathered press that such efforts are “authoritarian and un-American,” calling the Republican-led legislation “the worst challenge to our democracy since the Civil War.” She continued to say Biden would “decry efforts to strip the right to vote as authoritarian and anti-American,”, luckily nobody… literally no one is working to strip Americans of their voting rights, and millions of everyday Americans are working hard to lay this lie perpetuated by the Democrats and the Mainstream media bare.

Democrat-Socialists in power continues to propagate this pernicious false narrative that election integrity laws somehow restrain American citizens unreasonably from casting their vote and dishonestly frame the controversy as a battle for “voting rights”.

Psaki, Biden, Harris, and every other mouthpiece of the illegitimate government is dutifully parroting the party lie, desperate to prevent their barely successful effort in 2020 from being reversed. This is made all the more painfully ironic by the fact that “voting rights” are in fact endangered by unrestricted mail-in voting and federalization that the Democrats are pushing and enhanced by greater election security the GOP seeks. It must be hard to lie this hard.

It’s like they’re actually playing ‘opposite day’. The Heritage Foundation laid out very clearly in February a comprehensive report on Election Integrity and what states can do to safeguard our voting rights. The efforts being undertaken in many conservative states are almost shot for shot with Heritage’s findings.

As the leftists love to say these are,

ALL “Common-Sense reforms” Biden And All Americans Should DEMAND Instead Of Pushing This Lie

Any notion that ANY of these reforms would impair a person to vote on a basis of their race or ethnicity is nothing but the bigotry and racism of low expectations.

  • Verify the accuracy of voter registration lists. List maintenance programs need to be required and funded for ongoing and continuous and comprehensive accuracy updates every year.
  • Verify the citizenship of voters. Only lawful citizens can vote in federal elections.
  • Require voter ID. A voter should be required to validate his or her identity with a government-issued photo ID to vote both in-person or by absentee ballot (as states such as Alabama and Kansas require).
  • Limit absentee ballots. Absentee ballots should be reserved to those individuals who are too disabled to vote in person or who will be out of town on Election Day and all Early Voting Days.
  • Prevent vote trafficking. Vote-trafficking (also called vote harvesting) by third parties should be banned. This would ensure that candidates, campaign staffers, party activists, and political consultants are prohibited from picking up and potentially mishandling or changing absentee ballots and pressuring or coercing vulnerable voters in their homes.
  • Allow election observers complete access to the election process. Political parties, candidates, and third-party organizations should all be allowed to have observers in every aspect of the election process because transparency is essential to a fair and secure system.
  • Provide voting assistance. Any individuals providing assistance to a voter in a voting booth because the voter is illiterate, disabled, or otherwise require assistance should be required to complete a form, to be filed with poll election officials, providing their name, address, contact information, and the reason they are providing assistance. They should also be required to provide a photo ID.
  • Prohibit early vote counting. To avoid premature release of election results, the counting of ballots, including absentee and early votes, should not begin until the polls close at the end of Election Day.
  • Provide state legislatures with legal standing. State legislatures must ensure that they have legal standing—either through a specific state law or through a constitutional amendment if that is required—to sue other state officials such as governors or secretaries of state who make or attempt to make unauthorized changes in state election laws.
  • No same-day registration. Registration should be required before Election Day to give election officials sufficient time to verify the accuracy of the registration information contained on a registration form and to confirm the eligibility of the individual seeking to cast a vote in the upcoming election.
  • No automatic voter registration. States should comply with the National Voter Registration Act and provide registration opportunities at state agencies. However, all individuals should be asked at the time of the state agency transaction, such as the application for a driver’s license, whether they want to register to vote.
  • No private funding of election officials and government agencies. States should prohibit election officials from receiving private funding from outside organizations or individuals.

Not a single one of these reforms in any way shape or form targets any race, creed, color, faith or ethnicity. Rather, ONLY through the safeguarding of all LEGAL and VALID votes, and the elimination of any possible fraud are our voting rights protected. Not by Joe Biden, or the Democrat-Socialists desperate to cling to their ill-gotten power.


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