Hillary Clinton is Ripped to Pieces by Megyn Kelly

hillary clinton
hillary clinton

Former Fox News Star and SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly had some strong words for two-time Democratic presidential loser, Hillary Clinton and far-left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow.

The pair earned her ire after they laughed over the charges against former President Donald Trump’s fourth indictment.

During a show segment, they even suggested that more could be on the way.

Kelly also criticized Maddow for claiming that Trump questioning the election results was somehow injurious to democracy while ignoring the fact that Clinton made numerous false claims of him “stealing” the 2016 election victory from her – a narrative spread by other left-wing cable news hosts over time.

She was understandably outraged at their behavior.

“That was a disgusting display by both women on the set…I don’t care how much they give you, $30 million a year, you’re not worth thirty cents! That was an embarrassment! You fell down on the job, you embarrassed yourself and your network, and you ceded the entire discussion to a dishonest broker who sent us down this disgusting path that we’re now on! Where everybody denies everybody’s the real president! Shame on you both!” she exclaimed during one of her segments.

Grabien founder Tom Elliot created a “supercut” video showing Maddow and other left-wing journalists complaining about how Trump supposedly used his power to go after political enemies while ignoring Joe Biden actually doing it in his DOJ.

Fox News Outnumbered co-host Kayleigh McEnany weighed in on this as well with her take on political optics between Biden and Trump following recent indictments against Trump.

McEnany argued that if these indictments held up then it would have set an incredibly troubling precedent applying retroactively in various circumstances.

Which is why she believes it’s important to look at what people see when comparing Biden and Trump – where while one is enjoying dinner/movies etc., his opponent is being indicted by his own DOJ leading to an unfair moral double standard between them both.

Overall, Kelly made it clear through her words that journalists have an obligation to ask tough questions no matter who is sitting across from them regardless of political affiliation or status.

But unfortunately certain members of media are failing in their responsibility due to personal bias or preference – something which needs to change soon so viewers can get unbiased facts instead of skewed opinions from biased sources.

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