How This Technology Will Be Used Against Americans

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Get ready for your biometrics to be in the government database.

Technology that is about to be in the hands of TSA is every conspiracy theorist’s worst nightmare.

Facial recognition software is about to be put in play in U.S. airports.

Big Brother is Here

The new program is being tested in Atlanta, Boston, Denver, and Los Angeles.

If the program is successful, it will start to be rolled out in other airports.

Eventually, the idea is to replace most in-person agents.

The only time people would have interaction with agents would be if there was a problem with the ID check, at which point a manual check would be made.

Two things concern me here.

First, I don’t think you can account for human intuition that something just does not seem right.

Second, how else will this technology be used against Americans?

TSA says it will not store or use the data but I think the last two years have proven to us all that the government cannot be trusted.

Source: Fox News

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