Hunter Biden Files Lawsuit Against IRS

hunter biden
hunter biden

Hunter Biden has really made a name for himself in the headlines, as his numerous scandals continue to keep him under the spotlight. And once again, he has just done what he does best: point the blame at everyone but himself. In a laughable move, President Joe Biden’s son has decided to sue the IRS…for allegedly embarrassing him.

However, the question remains: what right does he have to file a lawsuit when his embarrassment is the product of HIS actions?

Lawyers for Hunter Biden filed a lawsuit against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) on September 18 on their client’s behalf according to Insider.

The lawsuit contends that two IRS agents – Gary Shapley and Joseph Ziegler – “targeted and sought to embarrass” him by discussing his tax returns publicly. They are stating that this violated Section 6103 of the Internal Revenue Code by engaging in a campaign to publicly smear Mr. Biden.

This section states that it is illegal to reveal or publish confidential tax information like an individual’s name, address or social security number without authorization from either a court order or written permission from taxpayer involved – which was not given in this case.

It seems unlikely that Hunter will be successful with his lawsuit as there is no way these agents could possibly embarrass him more than he has managed to do already through his own actions. It would be like blaming a mirror for reflecting an image held before it – no matter how embarrassing.

From driving 172 mph in a Porsche on the way to Vegas for drug-filled benders with prostitutes all the way up to crashing rental cars while lying about it afterwards, there are countless examples of Hunter bringing public embarrassment upon himself with no help from anyone else necessary.

The lawsuit claims that Shapley and Zielger unlawfully revealed Hunter’s tax return information which violated the Privacy Act as they failed to put safeguards in place regarding confidential information being disclosed publicly without consent from those involved.

It appears evident here that although Hunter may have legal grounds per se to pursue public shaming charges against these IRS agents due their violation of Section 6103, it’s unlikely anything will come from this trial due to its questionable merit.

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