It WAS Sabotage… They Tried to BLOW IT UP!

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There has been a lot of speculation about what happened to the Nord Stream pipeline.

With that pipeline going down, the energy woes in Europe will be significant.

Many have speculated that it was sabotage… and they were right.

The Findings

The investigative team found evidence of charges near the pipeline.

The team reported, “There have been detonations near Nord Stream 1 and 2, within the Swedish economic zone, resulting in extensive damage to the gas pipelines.”

However, they do need more time to find the culprit behind the attack.

The statement continued, “The continued investigation will show whether anyone can be suspected of, and later prosecuted for, this crime.”

The assumption here is that Russia may have done this to hurt Europe, so some nations have increased their own patrols in the area.

For instance, the UK and the Netherlands have increased maritime security “to reassure those working near the gas pipelines.”

Russia’s pushback against the investigation is making Putin look guilty as hell.

The Kremlin stated, “We were informed via diplomatic channels that as of now, there are no plans to ask the Russian side to join investigations.”

So, Russia stated that it would not acknowledge any results the investigation provides.

That would be like asking a thief to investigate his own robbery.

Sweden responded, “We don’t usually involve foreign powers in our criminal investigations.

“That’s the basic approach. It is not up for discussion.”

Source: Fox News

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