It Was SUICIDE, She is Dead… Nation Stunned

Dead Funeral
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An illegal immigrant being housed in New York City has committed suicide.

Details on her death remain quite fuzzy, but Mayor Adams broke the news to stunned media.

She leaves behind a 15-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter.

Leave Them Hanging

Adams seems to have purposely left the media hanging on this.

It has been assumed that the woman was one of the immigrants sent by Abbott, but that has not been confirmed.

We know the woman arrived in New York City last May, so she could have made her way to New York via one of Biden’s late-night drops.

She had been separated from her husband at the border and the man could not cross the border on his own.

The mother and two children were living at the Hollis Family Shelter in the meantime.

In breaking the news, Adams stated, “The thousands of asylum seekers we have seen arrive in our city came to this country seeking a better life. Sadly, though, yesterday, an asylum seeker in one of our facilities took her own life.

“Our hearts break for this young woman and any loved ones she may have, and we as a city mourn her.”

Make no mistake about it, Adams was being vague on purpose to try to put this death on Abbott.

We should also note that the agency charged with oversight of the Department of Homeless Services also has no details of this woman’s death by New York officials.

Source: New York Post

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