Jeffrey Epstein Goes Live


An exclusive Netflix documentary series on billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein goes live starting Wednesday May 27. It details all the disgusting abuse allegations. The deceased pervert is well known for “importing 12-year-old girls to be used as sex slaves.”


Expose series goes live starting Wednesday

Anticipation for the Netflix series to go live has been building for a month, ever since they announced the pending release a month ago on Twitter. “Filthy Rich,” they note, is based on the book by best selling author James Patterson. Their glossily produced series “exposes a horrifying story of relentless manipulation and sex trafficking,” they claim.

One thing about the documentary which you’ll never get from a book is the live reactions as the tales are told by Epstein’s actual victims. “Epstein’s survivors serve as the series’ pre-eminent voices, providing powerful testimonials about their experiences and inspiration in their resilience.”

One of the people interviewed for the special is Epstein’s IT guy, Steve Scully. He’s the one who ran into Prince Andrew groping underage Virginia Roberts by the pool in Epstein’s pedo paradise on Little St. James Island.

One of the most vocal accusers

Ms. Roberts is now 36 and her last name is Giuffre, but she’s always been “one of the disgraced billionaire’s most vocal accusers.” She’s not shy about telling the world exactly how she was recruited “as an underage sex slave.”

Virginia was used like a toy, “forced to have sex with Epstein and his high profile friends, including Prince Andrew, when she was just 16.” During one of the pre-production interviews, Scully described his meeting with a member of the Royal Family.

“It was probably around 2004, I saw Prince Andrew. He was at the pool. He was with at that time an unknown girl to me,” Scully relates. “She was young, She didn’t have any top on. They were engaged in foreplay. He was grabbing her, and grinding against her.” She wasn’t fighting back, he noticed. The young woman, he says, “wasn’t resisting in any manner whatsoever.”

Scully claims he had no idea how young she was until he walked closer “I thought she looked particularly young. It bothered me. I thought that it wasn’t appropriate.”

A voice for the voiceless

Giuffre was thrilled to have the chance. “The Netflix team were wonderful,” she declared, explaining the series was “looking to tell the world the truth of what went on behind closed doors.” She hopes her live voice in the broadcast will inspire others. “I hope the message reaches the voiceless and helps give them a voice.”

Some of Epstein’s other victims will appear in the series. According to the producers, one woman witnessed Epstein arrive with “three 12-year-old girls that he had purchased from their parents.”

Another of Epstein’s slaves describes her torment at the hands of Epstein and his accomplices including Ghislaine Maxwell. “I felt so used, like I was just this dirty person. Before this, I was something else.”

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