Joe Biden Nominee Caught Trying to Wash Her History

Neera Tanden Biden President pick

Joe Biden is packing his administration with radical Lefties and deep state swamp creatures. Not so fast there Joe! A Republican controlled Senate may have to confirm some of these picks. Another one of Biden’s cabinet picks is being criticized for her hateful tweets.


Biden nominee deleting tweets

Joe Biden picked Neera Tanden to lead the Office of Management and Budget. She’s already coming under fire for her years of vicious social media posts where she attacked Republican lawmakers.

Is anyone really surprised? But there’s a problem. She may need approval of a Republican controlled Senate to get the position.

Now she’s deleting thousands of tweets before the Senate confirmation. However, the internet is forever, and those tweets aren’t going away.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas expressed his concern about Tanden’s rhetoric, saying she was “filled with hate and guided by the woke Left.” Texas Republican Senator John Cornyn said Tanden’s “combative and insulting comments” about Republican senators created “a problematic path.” He called her “Biden’s worst nominee so far.”

Democrats rushed to defend Neera Tanden, who is a former advisor to Hillary Clinton and the president of the Left-wing Center for American Progress.

Former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett said Tanden “grew up on welfare and lived in public housing.

She experienced first hand the importance of our social programs. Her extraordinary career has been devoted to improving opportunities for working families. She is an excellent choice to lead OMB.”

Biden Neera Tenden Pick Cabinet

Deep state coup

Democrat Senators are eager to confirm the Socialist welfare advocate. Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown said, “Neera Tanden is smart, experienced, and qualified for the position of OMB Director.

The American people decisively voted for change. Mitch McConnell shouldn’t block us from having a functioning government that gets to work for the people we serve.”

Great. More radical Socialists in Washington. Just what America needs. Tanden would be responsible for preparing Biden’s budget submission.

If the Democrats happen to win the Senate elections in Georgia, they would roll back President Trump’s tax cuts and pursue a number of big spending Socialist policies. All eyes are on the Georgia Senate race.

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