Joe Biden Rejects Expert Health Advice on Travel Bans

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Photo Courtesy of Gage Skidmore via Creative Commons License

Joe Biden is apparently more adept at how to treat a virus that currently has no treatment or vaccine than the best minds in medicine.

Biden continues to publicly state that travel restrictions will have no impact on the spreading of the virus.

Joe Knows Better

Virtually every case in the United States when this outbreak started was related to international travel.

Currently, it is estimated that roughly 70 percent of the cases worldwide are stemming from European travelers.

It seems like it would be common sense to stop travel from that area to slow down the spread of coronavirus until we have treatment available, right?

Medical experts agree…

U.S. Surgeon General Michael Adams stated, “We knew most of the cases were coming from China and that’s why the President took an unprecedented step of making sure we restricted travel to those areas.”

Dr. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and widely considered the leading expert on these viruses, has stated numerous times we would be far worse off right now were it not for these travel bans.

Dr. Stephen Redd of the CDC stated,  “Within weeks of identifying the outbreak … the restriction of travel from China reduced travel by 90%. I think that was a very helpful move to prevent more cases from China coming into the United States.”

Dr. Deborah Birx, who is the Coronavirus Response Coordinator, stated,  “It’s clear that the early work of the president, both with travel restrictions and the ability to quarantine, has bought us the time and space to have this task force be very effective.”

Dr. Janette Nesheiwat, Medical Director for CityMD, stated, “We still need to take precautions … we need to control the incoming cases from around the world, so we know that our President, starting tomorrow, is going to put a temporary ban on travel from Europe, and then we have to focus on containing it in the United States.”

Yet, this is what Joe Biden says…

What is even more amazing is that the Washington Post recently touted Joe Biden, with a headline reading, “Joe Biden already sounds like he is president,” an article that outlined Joe’s response to the coronavirus.

Let me pull no punches here… Joe Biden is an idiot that is trying to create panic so he can get into the White House.

He is a failed attorney that has spent his entire life in politics, yet he wants everyone to believe he knows more than the world’s experts on infectious diseases and viruses.

Just think about that when you pull the handle in November.


  1. Kathy, he is an “idgit”, he ain’t just acting. Of all his screw-ups, my favorite one is when he said that he was an “O’Biden/ Bama democrat. ” Biden and Sanders have 84 years in government, but all our problems started when Trump was elected.

  2. i wonder if joe knows that he’s rejecting the health advise of the experts…. if this nitwit somehow gets elected, get used to “joe’s opinions”…. it’ll nevah happen….


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