Anti Semitic Violence Erupts in Democrat Stronghold as Terrorists Take Over the Streets

Anti Semitic Violence Erupts in Democrat Stronghold as Terrorists Take Over the Streets

In a not-so-shocking moment, the far left’s anti-Israel protest quickly turned into an anti-Semitic riot on the streets of Seattle, Washington.


In a “protest” calling for the destruction of Israel, anti-Semites marched to “commemorate the 73rd year of the Palestinian catastrophe and on-going ethnic cleansing of Palestine.”

The “protest” began in downtown Seattle at Westlake Park around 1 p.m., where they called for Israel to be abolished, burned an Israeli flag, and assaulted pro-Israel civilians. At the event, rioters began by spewing anti-Semitic hatred in the form of chants such as “Long live the intifada!”

According to reporting by The Post Millennial, “the intifadas were violent uprisings by Palestinians who carried out terror attacks.”

The violent riot was described in several posts on Twitter.

Conservative radio show host Jason Rantz shared his experience at the riot, writing: “Before a pro-Israel activist was assaulted, the anti-Semitic emcee at the Seattle rally put a target on their backs. The crowd booed the pro-Israel activists before some stole an Israeli flag, stomped and danced on it, then burned it. She also told everyone to ignore the media.”

At the rally, a radical leftist activist assaulted Rantz, a Jewish journalist, while he was documenting the riot. He was reportedly hit from behind with a Palestinian flag.

The violent anti-Semitic event celebrated “Palestine,” which was never its own country, and never wanted to be its own country, until Israel was declared a state in 1948 and survivors of the Holocaust were relocated to the area. Soon after it was declared a state, the surrounding Arab countries “attacked the surrounding fledgling country of holocaust survivors, refugees, and farmers; trying to wipe out all the Jews and ‘drive them into the sea,'” according to The Post Millennial.

Talk-radio host Ari Hoffman shared an image from the rally, writing:

“This banner led the rally in Seattle today celebrating the anniversary of the attempted genocide of all Jews in the Middle East in 1948[.]

Notice anything about the banner? There is no Israel on it.

These activists don’t want a 2 state solution. They want the death of Jews[.]”

While the war was going on, the Arab countries expelled all Jews from their countries, while also expelling the “Palestinians,” telling them that they could only return when they have finished killing all the Jews. Luckily, Israel won the war and celebrated their independence on a day known as Yom Ha’atzmaut, which had its anniversary on May 5.

The Post Millennial reported that “the Arabs and Palestinians call Israel Independence Day the Nakba, the day they tried to commit mass genocide of Jews but failed.”

Prior to this rally, Jewish organizations and groups had sent out warnings to members not to attend events or counter-protests, fearing violence. They were right. In cities across the United States, and in Canada, violent leftist activists came out to show their true anti-Semitic colors. Somehow, the most persecuted group in history is the only minority group that the left hasn’t designated a member of the victim class.

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