Food Network Star ARRESTED

ariel robinson arrested foster child murder

A Food Network star and her husband were arrested after the death of her 3-year-old adopted daughter. The racist BLM supporter often ranted about “White privilege.” For some reason, she was allowed to adopt a White child for her and her husband to torture.


Foster parented arrested for murdering 3-year-old girl

Food Network pulled season 20 of its show “Worst Cooks In America” after the winner was arrested for homicide by child abuse following the death of their 3-year-old adopted daughter. Ariel and Jerry Robinson called 911 on January 15th to report their daughter Victoria “Tori” was unresponsive. Child abuse was immediately suspected when authorities arrived.

The coroner says Tori died from a “series of blunt force injuries.” The Robinsons adopted the girl and her two brothers last March. Now, Tori is dead and the Robinsons are facing life in prison.

What’s also surprising is that Ariel Robinson is a middle school teacher. However, she hasn’t been in the classroom since 2019 because she’s been trying to jumpstart her career as a comedian. After her arrest, the South Carolina State Board Of Education temporarily banned her from teaching.

BLM scum Ariel Robinson murdered innocent little girl

There is nothing funny about child abuse, but the teacher and adoptive mother used it as a topic in one of her routines. She explained the adoption process and admitted to physically harming her older children when the social worker arrived for a home visit.

“Shut up before I come in there and punch in your throat!,” Robinson says she yelled at her children.

Despite this, the Robinsons got the green light to adopt Tori and her two brothers. Now, the little girl is dead and the people who swore to protect and raise her are behind bars and might remain there the rest of their days.

Robinson, who is Black, often posted about “White Privilege” on social media. Three-year-old Tori is white. She also used adoption hashtags and promoted the fact that she is an adoptive mother.

Days before Tori’s death, the aspiring comic tweeted about both white privilege and adoption.

Tiffany Huggins was Tori’s foster mom before the girl was reunited with her brothers and placed with the Robinsons for adoption. She explains the little girl had a bubbly personality.

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